The Best Space Saving Furniture For Small Homes

The Best Space Saving Furniture For Small Homes

side_table_and_wall_deskWhen you live in a small space you need to get creative to make the most of every square inch of space you have. If you can find furniture to help you fulfil that goal then so much the better. The trouble is, most furniture isn't designed for us apartment dwellers. We've dug out the best space saving furniture to help you make the most of your space. From dual use furniture to compact pieces, we have you covered. 

1. Side table and lamp


Seriously, what better idea than to combine two traditionally quite large pieces furniture into one. We love this gorgeous modern side table by designer Ivana Blaskova for the Made Talent (have you heard of Talent Lab? Check it out for some amazing young talent furniture designs). For a sleek oak and white scandi feel, you can't do better than our Paris side table and lamp.

 2. Folding kitchen table

We're guessing a dining room is not a room that exists in your space if you live in an apartment! But everyone likes to entertain now and again and a great way to make sure you have space for plenty of guests is to have an extendable kitchen table. There are lots of great options for these now and our favourite is this really simple oak one which is super stylish but compact. If you are even more pushed for space, throw up a simple shelf under a window and call it a breakfast bar. Pull up one of our slimline perching stools and share some tapas with friends, Barcelona style. 


3. Bed with pull out bedside table


 Yes, you heard it right, a bed with SECRET bedside. So, ever had that problem where you can barely get round your bed because it's so tight to the wall? No problem when you are actually in the bed because, well, you're sleeping right. But come daytime it can just be such a pain. This bed solves the problem by having bedsides that fold away into the bed when they aren't in use. Perfect for being able to perch your tea on and store you book away.

4. Floating bedside tables



Do you use the under bed area as one big storage solution? Yep, us too. Whether you have a divan with built in storage or you have some makeshift drawers under your bed to store away all those unattractive bits, it can be really tricky to access it if you have a bedside table in the way. Enter floating bedside tables. With your bedside table mounted to the wall, you can easily access your under bed storage with no problem plus it adds to the sleek and uncluttered look you need in a small space. There are so many options now, check out our oak ones here or a more budget friendly option here. There are so many benefits to a floating bedside, check out this post on 5 benefits of a floating bedside. 

5. Wall desk with shelves


With so many people working from home either full time or on their side hustle, desks for small spaces are just key. Our favourite are wall desks that don't take up precious floor space but make those desks work even harder and make sure there are some shelves or drawers for additional storage for whilst the desk is out of use. Bespoke solutions work great for this but also we love ladder desks with additional shelving or this wall desk with cute drawers to store your office bits and pieces.

6. Hallway tidy with hooks


Ok, so when you have a teeny entranceway to your place, putting furniture in it might seem counter intuitive. But when it is suddenly full of your coats, keys, umbrellas (hi British summer) then a storage solution of some kind is just necessary. 

Choose something like this with a lot of hooks but that has a shelf so you can add some decorative pieces as well. If you are super pushed for space, just add some colourful coat hooks like these which add visual interest in themselves.

7. Sofa bed


Ok we admit these have been around a while, hardly groundbreaking news BUT so necessary when you don't have a spare room. Also, whilst the concept isn't new, there are a whole host more options now like love chair sofa beds which give you the option of sleeping a whole extra person without taking up much space. We love this one from Loaf, so chic but looks incredibly cosy. 

8. Working coffee table


This one is again for people who work from home, and who doesn't work from the sofa at least once in a while? These coffee tables are available from a few retailers now but we love this one from West Elm. Standard coffee table during the day but then you can lift up a section to work from and additional storage to boot. What's not to love. 








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