5 Tips To Maximise Your Small Outdoor Space

5 Tips To Maximise Your Small Outdoor Space

With the long British winter finally over and the sun starting to break through, its time to venture outside and spend some time in our urbansized outdoor spaces!

Living in the city often means having limited outdoor space, whether in the form of a balcony or roof terrace. Just because these spacesa are small, does not mean they cant be wonderful.


When properly done, a small outdoor space can be a place to retreat and relax from the hectic lives that we all now contend with. However, as with Urbansize homes, small outdoor spaces require a degree of thinking outside of the box. The following is set of 5 simple tips aimed at helping create the perfect outdoor environment for you.

 1. Choose simple furniture (then add cushions!!)


Whether its for your morning coffee or an evening glass of wine, you’re going to need a nice place to sit. Garden furniture is low maintenance and easy to store, but it is also super uncomfortable!!

Accessorise with some stylish cushions for your outdoor space. Storage should not be  problem for such small items and this simple touch will give your space (and behind) that cozy feel.

Check out our collection of cushions here

2. Make the space your own but use the space beyond your balcony


If you are lucky enough to have a good view, your space will no doubt to be ‘outward facing’. However, if like most urban outdoor spaces, you’re view is not postcard worthy, you may want to create a slightly more shielded environment.

This can be done many ways, including bamboo fencing which can look nice. However, an on trend way to achieve this is it to use plants, the more the merrier. Using a mix of faux and real plants can be a low maintenance way to achieve the look. This is particularly impressive, where there is foliage, even if it is just a street tree, that can be used to as a backdrop.

Check out our Pinterest board for lots more ideas

3. When you can’t go out, go up!


In your small space detail will not be lost or underappreciated.  Mix colours, introduce textures and utilise every inch of space by introducing shelving to your space.

This can be done using a variety of shelving that allows you to extend the stylish touch that you have applied to your home to your balcony or roof terrace. We love a rustic ladder for extra design interest. 

4. Don’t forget – it is a hybrid space



The quasi-outdoor nature of your urbansized space allows you to decorate in a more creative way, taking indoor elements outside.

This can be done through the use of an outdoor rug or even artwork on walls. I once even saw a bookshelf outside which looked amazing.

In this outdoor space, the designer has introduced a mantelpiece and a picture frame, creating a unique and beautiful look..

5. Faux grass


No judgment, but fake grass just isn’t for me. I’ve heard the sermon from friends who have gone plastic and aren’t looking back, but in the same way I prefer a wonky but real Christmas tree, I will take a patchy lawn over the perfection of astroturf . However, the one place where I maybe waver from this rule, in a balcony setting, where if done right, can add the perfect outdoor (but low maintenance) feel.

We'd love to hear your top tips for decorating a small outdoor space!

All images via Pinterest


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  • Do you think you could do a separate blog on point 4? I would love to do something like that in the patio of my small garden but need some help with the creative ideas!

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