5 Benefits of a Floating Bedside Table

5 Benefits of a Floating Bedside Table


It's no secret that we LOVE floating bedsides over here at Urbansize HQ, they look sleek and save valuable space in small bedrooms. A lot of our customers come to us initially because they have a small space in their bedroom that they can't find a traditional bedside table for. But actually, there are advantages to having a floating bedside table even if you do have more room. Here are some of the benefits that we bet you didn't even think of. 

1. Space Saving


Ok we'll start with the really obvious. But seriously, a floating bedside will save you so much space compared to a standing bedside because the overall footprint is smaller. Not only that but it gives the illusion of more space because you can see more of your floor if it isn't covered with furniture and opens up the whole space visually. 

We are really careful to make sure that there is still plenty of storage in all our bedsides so you don't end up with clutter everywhere (ruining that open clean space!) so every single one has a generous drawer and some have a shelf too.

2. Clean


No one wants to sleep with dust mites floating around their pillow am I right? With a floating bedside it is a million times easier to hoover around your bed with no awkward furniture to move every single time. Anything to minimise cleaning time is a plus in our opinion. More time for styling your bedside, for tips on this see our blog post here.

3. They look good!


Floating bedsides create a super sleek and contemporary look in a bedroom which is harder to achieve with a traditional bedside. Initially we only made really small floating bedsides but then expanded into larger sizes when we realised more and more people wanted them for a style statement and not just for a small space solution. There are also lots of more original styles in oak for people who want a clean space but like a more traditional overall look. 

Check out our Pinterest board for loads more floating bedside inspo

4. Cost efficient


Floating bedsides use less material than your traditional bedside and so are generally cheaper than a normal bedside (obviously on like for like materials). If you want a quality product made of solid wood but are on a budget, they are a really good option. 

5. Access to under bed storage


Small space dwellers know that taking advantage of every inch of space is essential and so, under bed drawers are a great way to utilise dead space for storage. Floating bedside tables will mean you have super easy access to that instead of having to move your bedside every time you want to get something out. 

It's a total non brainer to get those floating bedsides in your bedroom right now :) Oh and in case you were worried about installation, don't be, it is super simple and we supply all the fittings. But don't believe us, check out some of our reviews which talk about how easy it was. 




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