About Us

At Urbansize we wanted to create stylish ‘urban sized’ furniture which would fit into smaller, quirkier spaces unlike traditional standard issue furniture which often ignores the needs of people like us who live in small homes. We thought that small, functional furniture seemed to be seriously limited and we decided to fix that problem with Urbansize. 

The furniture we design maximises the space in a room. For example we have a ‘floating’ range, items with built in functionality (such as a bed with a foldaway bedside table) as well as more traditional items which are simply a bit smaller than comparable products on the market.

Urbansize is a small family run business. We are all passionate about design and interiors and are building on a long history of furniture making and design. Our family has been in this business for over 30 years, designing, manufacturing and importing furniture. 

Our background as furniture makers has made us impeccably fussy about the quality of our products. All our wood products are solid timber and we do not use veneered wood. Our wood is chosen for its durability and strength. Our designs reflect the modern need for furniture to be highly functional as well as attractive.

We've also scoured the globe to find quirky accessories to complement our furniture range which we take as much care sourcing as we do designing our furniture. We hope you love our pieces as much as we do and finally find something stylish that fits perfectly into your home. 



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