How To Style Your Small Dressing Table

How To Style Your Small Dressing Table

Dressing tables can be tricky to get right, there's a lot of make up, jewellery and products that need to get stored or displayed and it can quickly start to look messy. We have some top tips to keep even your small dressing table looking chic and neat. 


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1. Trays are your new best friend


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The key to keeping everything organised and in it's place on a dressing table is to group things into categories. Have a tray for your make up including brushes and another for gathering small pieces of jewellery. Instead of having a mess of lipsticks and necklaces on your dressing table, you'll suddenly have a chic collection of objects and bonus, you'll actually be able to find what you need in the morning. 

Check out our pinterest board for more ideas for small dressing tables 

2. Drawer dividers for the win



If you have a small dressing table always choose one with plenty of drawer space so that you can store things away. Drawer dividers are a revelation for keeping everything organised. You can even make your own or pick them up pretty cheaply. Is it just us or is there something deeply satisfying about organising and seeing everything beautifully laid out?

3. Lighting

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As always, lighting is key. Go for a hollywood style mirror so you can really see your make up in detail. Alternatively, go for mood lighting with a pendant light hung above your dressing table to save that surface space for pretty items. Either way make sure you have your task lighting sorted so you can see what you are doing. 

4. Don't be shy with mirrors


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You may have a small space for  your dressing table but that doesn't mean you need to go small with your mirror. In our opinion, bigger is most definitely better when it comes to mirrors in any small space. Go super size for a real impact and major light reflecting into your small space or use a collection of smaller mirrors for a gallery wall type effect. Metallic mirrors work great for adding visual interest and texture. Then just add a small mirror for those close up make up tasks. 

5. Use jewellery as decor


Don't store your jewellery away, display your best bits in your trays or even better, use a jewellery rail to keep it all organised and untwisted. Our floating dressing table has a handy rail for just this purpose! 

6. Go big with your chair


Not necessarily size wise but make an impact with your chair, introduce some texture and colour by choosing an unusual colour or adding a sheepskin to your current chair or stool. We love this sheepskin chair cover (on sale right now!) for adding interest and warmth to an area that is otherwise all hard surfaces. 

7. Mix and match pretty containers


Once you have all your basics down, start adding some pretty containers to add visual interest, and to add some more all important storage. Just don't overdo so that it looks too busy on top! 

And that's it! Keep it simple and make sure you have plenty of storage and you really can't go wrong. Happy organising :)


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    Caroline Turley on
  • The use of trays and tidys is inspired! My issue is that I have a small space but lots of makeup to fit in!! This has given me lots of ideas. Thanks!

    Katherine Goldberg on
  • That makeup drawer tho 😍😍

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