How To Style Your Small Bedside Table

How To Style Your Small Bedside Table

Small bedside tables are really our thing so we have learned a thing or two about styling them. Yes, you may not have room for a huge bedside that you can adorn with vases of peonies  and stack with coffee table books but you can still pack a style punch whilst keeping it petite. Let us share some of the things we've learned about styling your small bedside. 

1. Create drama

standing bedside in white Urbansize

With any styling, whether it's a bedside or a coffee table, varying the heights of the pieces your choose will help create visual interest. This works amazingly on small bedsides and a tall lamp with a smaller objet works really well. It's sometimes difficult to get the scale right on a smaller bedside with tall objects so another option is to create drama with an unexpected or sculptural element on the bedside. See here how we used a cactus here to create height but also a quirky fun element. 

2. Get a small bedside with storage

Floating oak bedside table

If you don't have much surface area to work with, you need to make sure you have somewhere to store all the bits that you don't necessarily want to display. We design all our bedsides with a drawer, even the floating bedsides, so that you can hide away all those necessary bits like tissues and phone chargers and keep that prime real estate on top for all your attractive pieces. For all the other benefits of a floating bedside, check out this post

3. Re-think lighting

pendant lighting

A lamp is something we automatically pair with a bedside but it does take up a lot of room. Think about how you can minimise that impact by choosing a lamp that has a small base and enough height to fit other pieces underneath it. Alternatively, have pendant lighting fitted. It's not as complicated or expensive as you would think to get installed and it looks super chic once it's done. 

4. Jewellery tray

Floating white bedside table

There will inevitably be bits and pieces you take off at night which need to be stored somewhere. A small tray like this gold feather one will not only catch all those pieces and keep them together but also creates an attractive area focal point on the bedside. 

5. Don't be scared of colour

oak standing small bedside Urbansize

Use colour but stick to a limited palette to create a cohesive look. We used purple, blue and grey on this small bedside to really make the bedside area cohesive but it doesn't look over done because we stuck to 3 colours. Make sure it ties into your bedding colour scheme and you can't go wrong. 

6. Use texture

art above bedside

If you can't add too much to your small bedside then use texture to add interest. Adding metallics is a sure winner and don't limit yourself to the bedside table itself, thing about layering your bed linens and cushions. Why not hang some art right behind the bedside instead of behind the bed itself for an unexpected but stylish look. 

7. Always have a book

small bedside with book

Having a peek at what other people are reading is such a telling sign about their personality! Have your book out on display on your bedside and give a hint of what you are about in your bedroom design. The best interiors are always the ones that let you know a little bit about the owners personality. Let it shine through!

8. Don't overdo

white floating bedside table

Finally, less is more with a small bedside. Through all the photoshoots we've done of our floating bedsides and our small standing bedsides, the best shots are always the ones where we've gone and taken a few accessories off the bedside and led with two or three strong items. 

Do you have any tips for styling a small bedside? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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