Bedside table ideas for tiny bedrooms

Bedside table ideas for tiny bedrooms

WTF to do when you have no room for a bedside table. You still need somewhere for your tea in the morning and your book at night right? Well, we don’t want to brag but small bedsides and bedside solutions is kind of our thing so let us help you out with a TON of ideas.

1. Wall mounted bedside table


Wall mounting your bedside is a total no brainer where you have limited space. Often designed for smaller bedrooms, the dimensions of a floating bedside table are likely to be way smaller than traditional bedside tables. In addition, it gives a feeling of lightness and space underneath. If you have underbed storage then it will make it that much easier for you to access all those bits when you need to.

Check out our Pinterest board for loads more ideas

2. Go big


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We know this sounds counter intuitive but sometimes it totally works to use your bigger furniture items next to the bed. If you have a chest of drawers or dressing table in your bedroom, squidge it up next to the bed to double up as your bedside table. It’s all about the styling with this option! Keep things uncluttered and minimal looking by keeping as much as you can inside the drawer

3. Lights Up



If you have a smaller than average bedside table then you want to minimise the items on top of that bedside. If you can, have your bedside lights be pendant ceiling lights or wall sconces to maximise the space for all your other essentials.

4. Don’t be matchy matchy


You don’t have to have the same bedside both sides! If you have a little more room one side than the other then use a traiditonal bedside and wall hung the other. We designed some standing bedsides in the same style as our floating bedside tables for people who have this exact situation. Or go totally different each side to make a design statement!

5. Don't use a bedside table


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Who said you need to use an actual bedside table for your bedside table? Look at other pieces of furniture which might suit your needs better. We love a stool as a bedside, it has just enough space on top and has a much lighter design feel than a bedside table.

6. Multi-functional furniture

side_table_bedside_lampFind something that doubles up as two things and you are onto a winner, take our side table and lamp as an example. You already have your lighting sorted so no need to take up valuable table real estate with a lamp! This makes a real style statement as well as being super functional with a small metal shelf underneath for extra books

7. Stow away


Speaking of multi-functional furniture, it doesn’t come much better than our bed with stow-away bedside. Sometimes, you need every spare centimetre you can get and if your bed doubles up as your office/Netflix watching/insta scrolling area (yes!) as well as somewhere to sleep, you might want to create some extra room during the day. This bedside is plenty big enough to fit your cuppa and alarm on and has a shelf for a book. Stow it away in the day and you’d never know it was there.

8. Use a Ladder


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For a really modern and unusual statement, use a ladder as your bedsides. Taking up minimum square footage on the floor, this will give you maximum space upwards. You might just have to get a bit creative about where you put your water glass!

9. Tiny cube shelf


This is so perfect because it just shows however little room you have, you can always squeeze in something to be a bedside table. Cube shelves come in literally all shapes, sizes and colours so you will definitely be able to find something that works in your space. We personally love our solid oak ones but that’s just us!

10. Hanging nightstand


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This one definitely isn’t for the boisterous person as those items look a little precarious! However, if you bedroom is a super calm haven then how about one of these amazing hanging bedsides? We’ve seen so many tutorials on Pinterest for a DIY version, why not give it a go.

Those are our top tips on how to fit a bedside into the smallest of spaces, we definitely have so many more ideas about how to maximise space in your bedroom, maybe a follow up blog post is in the making? We’d love to hear your ideas on how you make your small space work, share! let us know all your best tips.


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  • How can I buy the bedside table in the first picture? Thanks :)

    CeeCee McDougal on
  • I am starting to really love this blog. Great demonstrating how to create an open and light look in a small space. Super cool.

    Johan on
  • What a great collection of ideas! I especially like the tiny cube shelf idea, I wouldn’t have thought of this, something I can do in both my elder 2 children’s bedrooms!

    Gemma Horlock on
  • Fantastic! I particularly like the pendant light over the bedside table and the ladder idea.

    Rose hungate on

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