Design Inspiration From Small Hotel Rooms

Design Inspiration From Small Hotel Rooms

Panache hotel paris

Hotel rooms as a general rule don't need to be big, their residents only stay a few days at most so storage isn't an issue and designs are pared back to their essentials. In large cities we are seeing more and more luxury 'bijoux' (aka estate agent speak for tiny) rooms popping up. These are beautifully designed rooms with everything you need just fitted into a smaller floorplan. They are perfect for people making the most of the city they are visiting rather than lounging in their room. 

We most definitely take inspiration from some of these amazingly designed rooms and thought we would share some of our favourites with you and show you a few of the tricks they use to make their small spaces usable and beautiful and at the same time. 

1. The Hoxton Hotel, Amsterdam


With room names like 'shoebox' and 'cosy' you know you are in for a small room at the Hoxton! Who needs lots of space when you have the sights of Amsterdam to explore. Cosy here really does mean cosy and this gorgeous light filled room has made the absolute most of the space, using wall hung lighting beside the beds and a super narrow console table to add extra surface space. All of their rooms (that we've seen) have big mirrors hung opposite or near a window to reflect light round the whole room. The great use of neutral but luxurious fabrics on the curtains and bed make for a cosy inviting room. 

Check out our Pinterest Board for loads more hotel room inspo

2. Riad Mena, Marrakesh


What do you really need in a bedroom when it comes down to it? A bed and a light right? Riad Mena has stripped back this bedroom to it's bare essentials and we are loving it. By keeping to a very neutral palette, this room is the definition of calm and relaxing. They've added interest with the gorgeous curtains round the whole bed. And it still has serious interior style points by adding THAT red light achieving drama with just one statement piece.

3. Shoreditch House, London


The perfect spot for a stay in the city. These 'tiny' bedrooms in Shoreditch House were literally designed for a short stay. The wall hooks are perfect for storing but also can add style value if nicer items are displayed on them. The metallic wall lighting is stunning and saves space on the bedside. The wooden panelling which you would normally expect to see in a larger space actually really works to create a feeling of light and space. 

4. The Dean, Dublin


Super hip hotel, The Dean in Dublin is a masterclass in how to decorate a small space. They've bucked the trend of painting a small space white to increase the feeling of space and gone to the dark side! It works amazingly thanks partly to the huge windows but also because the colours and accessories they have chosen really pop against the dark backdrop (yes please orange smeg fridge).  Only 12 square metres to play with here so we are happy to see they have used one of our favourite small space tricks of using mulit-functional furniture. That bed is the perfect couch by day. They have stuffed the room full of great features such as a record player, a nespresso machine and have Netflix in every room. The Dean say that they do 'super cool & comfortable rooms filled with stuff that will make you smile' and we'd have to agree.

5. No 38 Clifton, Bristol


We stumbled upon this gorgeous room on Pinterest and fell in love. How gorgeous is this green/blue palette. It makes the whole space feel airy and luxurious. Another small space making use of panelling and wall hung storage for clothing. These two trends are definitely ones we'll be using. Instead of using a traditional bench or ottoman at the end of the bed, create a little seating area with a small armchair which can double as a place to put clothes. 

6. Ace Hotel, New York


Ace Hotels are renowned for being a super trendy spot for the young fashionista crowd to hang out. So we expect big things from their design and the 'mini' rooms do not disappoint. We had to include this photo just to show that you can fit anything anywhere! No room for a sink in the bathroom? No problem, put it into that tiny alcove in the bedroom! Is this the new take on baths in hotel bedrooms? Probably not but in a city like New York where space is at an absolute premium it's all about getting creative and we are very much on board with that. 

7. Okko Hotel, Paris


Well you knew we had to find at least one hotel with a wall mounted bedside, it's just our favourite! Okko hotel is another super stylish spot with gorgeously appointed rooms. They also have fold down desks which is another hot favourite at Urbansize to save space. 

That's our round up of the best small hotel bedrooms. Are there any tips that you will use for your bedroom? Share any of the small hotels that you love with us in the comments below so we can stalk them!

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  • I totally love the okko hotel in Paris! Great post, I’ve added these hotels to my travel list

    Janice on
  • Been wanting to go to the Ace Hotel for a long time now!

    Urgan on
  • I just love the Nook in St Ives! Would recommend it x

    Rachel on

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