Home Interior Trends for 2018

Home Interior Trends for 2018

The start of a new year traditionally sees all the experts come out to predict what trends they think will be big for the following year. We love sticking to our design ethos of natural materials and simple, functional design based on scandi minimalism but it is always fun to add in on-trend elements to keep things interesting. So, we’ve rounded up our favourite trend predictions for 2018 to inspire you.

minimalist bedroom trend 2018

Image: sfgirlbythebay 

1. Wall Art

Large wall art trend 2018

Image: Pinterest

Check out our 2018 trends pinterest board for lots more inspo

We predict that large statement pieces of wall art are going to reign strong this year. The gallery wall is finally reaching saturation point and we will be replacing all those tricky to hang small pieces with one huge piece of art. To get on board with this trend, choose pieces that provide maximum coverage on a wall or make a real statement like this gorgeous Marilyn Munroe piece.

2. Minimalist Bedrooms

minimalist bedroom

Image: Pinterest

Bedrooms in 2018 are getting a pared back makeover. Sleep is predicted to be a hot topic in health this year and so naturally, we believe interiors will follow that trend and bedrooms will be decorated to maximise a restful night’s sleep. Think simple furniture, minimal textiles and neutral tones. Using natural materials like wood, wool and stone will be a big feature.

3. Mixed metallics

mixed metallics trend 2018

Metallic accents have been huge for a little while but 2018 will see the colour shift from coppers and rose gold to more industrial tones like bronze and matt finishes. The best part though is that we don’t have to stick to just one metal in a scheme, mix up gold with copper, anything goes. At Urbansize, we’ve been mixing metals for a while and we love this gold pendant mixed with the copper and we’re excited to explore this trend further.

4. Concrete Accents

concrete accents 2018 trend

Image: Pinterest

Move over marble, concrete is set (get it?) to be the material that we love in 2018. Whether it’s lighting, flooring or even sinks, we will be choosing concrete for all our home accents. This trend works well with the minimalist look that is so current right now and also, with the move back to natural materials and simple finishes.

5. Spa Bathrooms

spa bathroom trend 2018

Image: Pinterest

Probably our favourite trend for 2018 because who doesn’t like to feel like they are at a spa every time they use their bathroom? Pinterest reported a 269% increase in searches for ‘spa bathrooms’ and so, It looks like we are all looking for a little zen like experience in our bathrooms now. Make it happen with a luxurious tub, rain shower and mosaic tiling. For some more budget friendly options why not treat yourself to some fancy bath oil, indoor plants and those all important scented candles. Bliss.

6. Patterned plants

patterned plant trend 2018

Image: Pinterest

The botanical trend grew and grew last year with our Instagram feed full of inspiring plant filled spaces. From plant walls in our favourite eateries to macramé plant hangers in all our favourite instagrammers bathrooms, greenery was everywhere. Plot twist, this year, we will be spicing things up by seeking out patterned plants like this one. We can’t wait to see this trend develop.

Next week, team Urbansize will be visiting the trade shows to do some buying for the website and get some inspiration for the year ahead. We will be keeping an eye out for these trends and will update you to let you know if we spot any of these or if there is another hot trend you need to keep your eyes open for.

What trends will you be incorporating into your home for 2018?



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  • I love the minimalist bedroon look, definitely helpful for a restful night’s sleep….
    Also really love the metallic accents trend….looking forward to more tips urbansize!

    Rose on

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