Your small bedroom problems solved

Your small bedroom problems solved

When you have a smaller bedroom it can be harder to make it work well for everything you need. Don't worry, we have all the tips and tricks to turn your small bedroom from a cramped den to a cosy haven. 

#1 No storage

The first thing to tackle in any small room is storage. There needs to be a place for everything or the clutter can quickly take over. Clutter is not only visually stressful but it can also make daily life difficult if you don't know where anything is. 

If your budget can stretch to it, investing in bespoke cabinetry to make the most of any and all awkward corners can make all the difference to the use of the room. If that is not an option then go for one of the following options;

- Under bed storage

There are multiple storage bed options available on the market. However, these can sometimes be a bit heavy in appearance in a small room as it means you can see less of the floor space. A great alternative is to use some stylish under bed storage units like these rattan ones from John Lewis. They provide a good amount of storage whilst still allowing breathing space around the bed, giving a lighter and airier appearance. 

- Multifunctional furniture

When choosing furniture for a small bedroom, try to make sure that it can be used for more than one purpose where possible. It might initially seem counter-productive but choosing a larger chest of drawers for a bedside will provide you with valuable storage whilst doubling up as your bedside table. 

- Wall hung furniture

There are so many good reasons to choose wall hung furniture in a small bedroom, from saving valuable floor space to making it easier to hoover! A floating dressing table can allow you to include a dressing table in your bedroom where that previously might not have been an option with a traditional style. Floating bedside tables can trick the eye into making the room seem bigger than it is because the more you can see of the floor, the bigger your eye perceives the room to be. 

#2 Furniture for small spaces

floating oak bedside table

One of the major frustrations of decorating a small space is that it can be difficult to make furniture work in a small space. Traditional furniture often does not take into account the unique needs of a small space. Try to source furniture from makers who have designed specifically for small spaces (like Urbansize!). There are some design features that will make a real difference to the feel of the finished room. We recommend look for these features:

- Taller legs

Choose beds, bedsides and drawer units on longer slim legs to give a feeling of lightness to the room. As outlined above, the more you can see of the floor, the bigger the room feels. 

- Sliding doors

Furniture with sliding doors with allow you to fit in slightly larger pieces of furniture than you might otherwise. It minimises the need to allow for door clearance and it also gives a cleaner sleeker feel to the furniture. 

- Scandinavian design

Minimalist scandinavian designs tend to work better in smaller spaces since the room isn't overwhelmed by fussy design details. 


#3 Trends and designs

Don't be afraid to try design features and trends in a small space. You can really lift and elevate the feel of a small room by incorporating things like panelling or a statement headboard. The trick here is to stick to just one major feature and keep the rest of the room relatively pared back. 

#4 Does it have to be white?

Contrary to popular belief, painting a small room white will not necessarily make it look bigger. In fact it can make the room look a little cold and clinical. We recommend choosing a neutral palette of similar colours and sticking to those. These don't necessarily need to be pale colours but by limiting yourself to two or three colours in the same tone, you avoid overwhelming the room. A current popular trend is to colour drench your whole room. This involves painting the whole room including the woodwork and ceiling in one colour, which means there is no visual break between the colours and makes the room appear bigger. 

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