How to choose the right bedside for your aesthetic

How to choose the right bedside for your aesthetic

Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or firmly in the bold and beautiful category, your bedroom should always act as a sanctuary.

It’s the site of unwinding after a long day and the setting for one of your health’s most important contributors: sleep, so it makes sense that you dedicate some attention into creating the most calming arrangement possible.

With that in mind, we’ve delved into some of today’s most popular interior aesthetics to pair them up with their dreamy bedside partner. Let’s get into it.


Mid-century modern interiors

Mid-century modern manifests in the meeting of modern style with practical, traditional elements. Where modernism is angular, mid-century modern takes on softer lines in the form of curves and round edges, incorporating lots of simple materials like wood, leather, glass and plywood. There are clean lines and the essence of minimalism but the aesthetic is playful with bursts of bold colour; think graphic art paired with your grandma’s teak armchair. 

The perfect mid-century bedside

The Curved Oak Bedside for the rounded edges; the Dark Oak Bedside for its colour.

English cottage interiors

Charming, quaint and undeniably cosy, English cottage interiors are enjoying a renaissance with the popularisation of ‘cottagecore’ across social media. When applied to interior style, the english cottage style incorporates traditional elements with a twee twist - think lightly textured ditsy wallpapers, floral motifs, vintage mirrors and baskets galore. An easy way to introduce this sort of style into your bedroom is with scalloped edge throw cushions. 

The perfect English cottage bedside

Our wall-mounted options are slightly too modern for this aesthetic. Instead, something more traditional like the solid Oak Crossover Bedside in the classic butler style is spot on. 



Scandi-style interiors

Scandi-inspired style is typified by tone and touch: wooden floorboards, a decidedly neutral colour palette, minimalist line-art and layers upon layers of tactile texture, from sheepskin to solid oak. Details are unfussy and practical, with a light and airy vibe which sinks into cosiness once the evening draws in. In bedrooms, this often looks like a lot of lighter wood, whites, greys, sprigs of dried eucalyptus and very little in the way of colour. 


The perfect Scandi-style bedside 

Any of our solid oak bedsides would sing in a Scandi-style bedroom, but our favourites are either the classic Floating Bedside or, for something alternative, the Oak Stool. 



Seventies revival interiors

If you think you’ve been noticing a seventies revival, you aren’t wrong. From deep-pile carpets to bold uses of orange and yellow, wood panelling to the iconic conversation pit, seventies interiors are back in the limelight. Modern iterations cherry-pick features from the aesthetic to pair with contemporary elements like more muted wall and floor coverings, updating the signature aspects to bring them into the 2020s. 


The perfect Seventies revival bedside

Many 70s bedrooms featured white bedsides to offset the kaleidoscopic colour found elsewhere in the room. A great contemporary fit is our White Floating Bedside, but Dark Oak would also work wonderfully if you’re going more minimal on the walls. 



Ultra modern interiors

With so much attention being drawn back through the decades, ultra-modern interiors stand out as shiny and overtly new, leaning into a clean and simple vibe with lots of straight lines, unfussy details and a monochromatic palette. You might sometimes see a burst of colour but often entire rooms are decked out in a sliding scale from white to black, with the aim of creating a neat, pure and tidy space. Think glass, metal, velvet and lots of ambient lighting. 


The perfect ultra-modern bedside

Our black and grey floating bedsides are perfect for this style. They’re still crafted from solid wood so you can enjoy the signature quality of Urbansize furniture, but they’re finished in a matt coating of black and grey for a deliciously modern finish. 


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