Urbansize 2019 Interior Trend Predictions

Urbansize 2019 Interior Trend Predictions

New Year, new trends! We’re never ones to slavishly follow the trends, we believe it’s important to develop a look you love and works for you in your home as an individual. That being said, we love seeing trends ebb and flow like the current and love to try and mix and match in the trends that work for us. It’s so important to evolve and change your style while maintaining the core of your look. This year as always we’ll see innovation but also the reinvention of trends past.But because trends come and go, it’s important only to take what you like and forget about the rest; it’s your home after all.

1) Beige is Back


Making ripples on the runway and in trend-setting homes, beige, most certainly, is back. Yes, we wouldn’t have believed it either but it seems that we want to switch up our neutral from grey that has been dominating for so long. Nude, oatmeal, sand or even coffee; the many hues of this neutral colour is here to bring an earthy touch to 2019. Grey-on-grey spaces are making way for the hit from a decade ago as beige puts a little warmth back into contemporary interiors. Don’t want to paint the walls? Add organic throws, décor and beige furniture to your home.

2) Compact Furniture


Compact and dual-function furniture is taking the spotlight as more people are finding themselves in smaller homes in the city. Innovative design takes over when demand is high and square footage limited. These cleverly designed scaled-down furniture pieces like this combined lamp and side table are not only perfect for a small home, but also those who take a trendy minimalist approach to interiors.

3) Recognisable forms

Where contemporary design sometimes went a little too far for some with the abstract trend, we’re moving back to what is recognisable. However, this move back to the familiar still has a quirky twist as it’s what we know and love repackaged. Think mugs with realistic facial fronts and the human form on textiles instead of floral print. Whether you’re ready or not, here it comes!

4) Wicker Revival


Interior experts have dubbed 2019 the year in which many old favourites are making a comeback with wicker leading the pack. The natural and organic form of a wicker weave makes it a companion to many, if not most, of the other interior trends. Wicker resurrected is contemporary and chic, look at more unexpected ways to use this material like oversize light fittings instead of the traditional wicker chair. A great way for an original look in the room is to track down one of a kind vintage pieces at flea markets or thrift stores like a wicker cupboard or room divider.


5) Textiles Everywhere



After the boom of macramé wall art, textiles are getting a bit more elaborate with each passing year. Whether it’s to replace traditional wall art or to take on a structural form, fluffy fabrics are becoming complex and versatile. Textile art made its debut as Bohemian décor, but now it’s moving on to adorn the most sophisticated contemporary interiors. Whether we’ll be living in fabric housesby the end of the decade remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure;textiledesign is gaining prominence in the interior sphere.


6) Perfectly Imperfect

Organic, natural and handmade items are gaining popularity thanks to the shift away from consumerism. Handcrafted fabrics, artwork and furniture add a raw beauty to interiors that mass-produced pieces can't replicate. From sofas to spoons and everything in between, imperfectly perfect items are just a click away. Try shopping responsibly by supporting local makers and small business owners in this over-machined world.


7) Green


Yes, simply green! We’re seeing the emergence of green as two trends in interiors right now. 2019 is the year that everyone is moving away from mass consumerism and waste and towards making more considered ethical and environmentally friendly choices. So many people had reducing plastic use as one of their new year’s resolutions. When it comes to interiors, this means choosing more lasting pieces from small scale producers and really being thoughtful about where your items come from. But as well as this, we’re talking about simply the colour. Green can be an emerald shade (jewel tones are still super trendy), but the focus is on the refreshing atmosphere this lively colour adds to a room. Indoor gardens boomed for a reason last year, and designers are keeping that invigorating effect alive through décor, textile and wall prints. Add some shade of jade to your home with plants or decoration.



See or hear about any impressive interior trends? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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