How to fit a workspace into the bedroom

How to fit a workspace into the bedroom

Since we totally refurbed the Urbansize home office over Christmas, it got me thinking about the difficulty of fitting a workspace into a bedroom. Our office multitasks as a guestroom/storage/office and it's an 8' x 8' room. So trust me we know about making every inch count. I mean, maybe you have a whole room for a home office? A dedicated room to ruminate. BUT, I'm guessing that you probably need to wedge that workspace into a another room and get your multi-function on.

I can picture the scene, the only space left to fit a desk where you can get away, close the door and concentrate is your bedroom, but that’s your sanctuary. Can you create a bedroom workspace and still hold on to the calm? Integrating colour schemes, using smart storage solutions and using simple, functional furniture, you can definitely multifunction your bedroom for both work and play.


desk_in_bedroomImage credit: Katy Cartland

Even if you don’t think you have enough space, you can make room. A floating desk is a perfect solution to carve out just a tiny work corner that is completely unobtrusive.


Keep the workspace aligned with the rest of the room with complementary colours and accessories.

See loads more small home office inso over on our Pinterest Board

If you have a little more space you can go for a bigger desk like we did with this blogger desk. Keeping a light colour palette keeps it clear and neat. Be sure to include some storage to keep clutter invading the rest of the room.


If you need substantial shelving, consider clearing room in the wardrobe for storage or creating a soft partition to the room with a curtain. Curtains are an easy way to hide away laundry baskets and bulky storage. It’s a good idea to make the curtains floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall.


Seeing as you already need storage solutions in your bedroom, it makes sense to include office storage, printers etc in one storage solution with your clothes and other bits. A curtain rather than wardrobe creates a luxurious walk-in feel and keeps a soft tone to the room. Softness and calm is what you want to hold onto to keep the serenity of the bedroom from being invaded by work vibes. 

One of the easiest way to ensure a calm relaxing envinroment is to keep the colours super neutral for that scandi look. 


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The bedroom still needs to be a place where a couple can relax, so it’s really important that the work-space is fully integrated as a natural part of the room.  A desk can quickly become messy and steal focus from the room.

Alternatively, if you have the space, you could use the curtain to partition off the entire work-space from the rest of the room to create a separate zone. But if you don’t have the space for a partition, organisation is key to maintaining multifunction within the one room. With small spaces, the best solution is always up. So make the most of wall space and include plenty of shelving like these U shelves


The secret is to make sure there’s plenty of storage and keep the look simple so the work-space isn’t unsettling. Organization should be a priority.


Make sure everything has a specific spot and keep papers off the surface. Create the feeling of having different zones in the room with different complementary colours. Consider painting the office area a different colour. If installing shelving, consider making them the same colour as the wall so it blends in.


Whatever your personal style, connect the work-space to the rest of your bedroom with complementary colours, in a pale scheme if possible. Try to make the space disappear into the rest of the room with unobtrusive furniture selections like a floating desk. Keep the design soft combining textiles, rugs or soft curtain storage solutions if possible to create a practical work solution which won’t compromise on calm.


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