How to put a floating bedside table on a panelled wall

floating bedside table on panelling

 Wall panelling is a trend that is here to stay. No wonder it's a look designers keep going back to since there are so many options and styles whether you want restore a classic style in a period property or add interest in a modern way to a new build. 

panelling and two drawer bedside

It's an instant upgrade and the best thing about it is that it's affordable and quick to do. Take a look at the before here of the above picture and you can see how it instantly takes a room from drab to boutique hotel. 

Bedroom with no panelling

It might seem overwhelming as a DIY job but trust us, it's simpler than it looks. We recommend using one of the ready to use kits on the market (there are loads) because they take the leg work out. You just need to put in your measurements and they will work out how much you need and send everything you need in one package. 

There are a million how-to videos on YouTube on how to panel and your kit will come with easy to follow instructions but the basic steps are: 

  1. Measure - spend time doing this it's key to getting it right
  2. Cut your panels to size if needed
  3. Prepare your walls
  4. Apply panels to the wall using glue or nails (we prefer glue)
  5. Fill any gaps
  6. Paint the colour of your choice! 

Once you have your panelling up, it's time to mount your floating bedsides. Normally we would recommend using wall plugs and screws to mount the bedsides on their keyhole slots. If you are confident to drill through the wood and then your wall (likely needing to change drill bits) then this will absolutely work.

floating bedside table

However, we have tried and tested an alternative, easier option.

- Firstly, measure where you want to place the bedsides and make a mark for your first fitting.

- Drill a small pilot hole around 3mm diameter. Use a 4mm diameter screw that is no more than the wall board plus small amount for projection (likely around 20mm).

- Using a screwdriver, place that first screw into the wall leaving a small amount projection. 

putting up a floating bedside table

- Measure where your second fitting will go and repeat the step above. 

- Fit your bedsides onto the projecting screws and adjust if necessary until they are snug to the wall. 




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