How to paint your floating bedside

How to paint your floating bedside

Classic & dark oak, white, grey & black: when it comes to our floating bedsides, we tend to stick to the classic, minimalist Scandi shades. But what if you want to brighten things up a little?

The good news is that our white floating bedsides are perfect for painting. They come pre-primed which removes a finicky step from your painting routine, plus they’re super easy to prep and look great in pretty much any colour.

We put the power in your hands and asked you to decide which colour we should paint ours, and you chose GREEN. (Phew.) Find the super easy steps to follow below, and make sure to send us snaps of your finished bedsides.


Floating white bedside tables 


Choose wood appropriate paint

Standard wall emulsion paints aren’t designed for wood and so aren’t as durable as paint formulated specifically for wood. 

However, don’t fret if you’re hoping to use up some leftover paint or match the shade of your walls for a colour-drenched look. Wall paint can be used on wood, you just need to make sure you’re prepping the furniture piece correctly so that paint can adhere, and you might want to consider a top coat to protect the finish from knocks which may result in chips.

STEP 2: 

Remove any drawers

To get started, remove any drawers on the bedside so you’re able to get into every nook & corner. 

 STEP 3:

Lightly sand

Using a fine grit sandpaper, lightly sand all over the bedside. This is a really important step as it gently disturbs the surface of the bedside, giving the paint something to adhere to. 


Use a small roller

 Use either a small foam or fluffy roller to apply the first coat of paint. Don’t apply too thickly or you’ll find the bedside will take a long while to dry and the finish may be inconsistent. 


painting bedside green


Finally, using a small paintbrush, detail all of the awkward corners that your roller couldn’t get to. Take care to not overload your brush with paint and use light, gentle strokes. 

All that is left to do now is to leave the bedside for 24 hours so all of the paint has fully dried, then pop back onto your wall and enjoy. 

Floating bedside tables

green floating bedside


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