How to layer neutrals

How to layer neutrals

Neutrals don't have to be boring! You can still infuse a space with depth and interest without a pop of colour. Here's how:

1. Your bed is the focal point

Use the bed to introduce different textures. Use two contrasting throws in differing materials like a oversize knitted blanket as well as a softer fine knit. Layer up cushions in neutral colours but use them to introduce patterns such as a subtle stripe or art print. 


2. Layer from the floor up

Start from the floor by incorporating rugs and woven baskets. You could evenlayer two different rugs to zone different areas of the room. 


3. Incorporate natural materials

Introducing wood to a room can instantly create a feeling of calm by bringing a bit of the outdoors in. It also creates a lovely contrast to the softer textiles in the room. 


4 Create a complimentary contrast with the skirting door and trim 

If you are painting your room in a lighter off white or beige, it can really help the room if you paint the skirting door and trim in a slightly darker neutral, bringing contrast and interest into the room 

5. Use window treatments to add pattern and interest

Use blinds and curtains to add another layer of interest to the room. Consider using stripes on a blind. Using a very fine linen curtain over the blind can add further softness to the room. 

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