How to deal with work from home fatigue

How to deal with work from home fatigue

Mini work nooks are your new best friend.

Work from home seemed like the perfect answer to our work life balance woes when it became the norm in recent years. It is, to a degree, but there's no denying that it can become a little monotonous without the buzz of the office around us. So what can we do to mix it up?

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A lot of us are starting to feel the reptitiveness and boredom of sitting in the same spot day after day. Enter, the mini work nook.  If you work from home a lot, sometimes your brain doesn’t want to kick into gear, sitting in the same spot, day after day.

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Sure, you could go down to the local coffee shop for a change of scenery, but sometimes you just don't want to go. Instead, just create tiny pockets of work calm in your own home. 

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Oak Floating desk 

What is a mini work nook? Well, it's the halfway house between a full desk set-up and propping your laptop up on a pillow. Think of it as an escape from your full work desk of technology and a place to creatively recharge. It can be more or less impossible to work on strategy and creative activities when you are surrounded by your normal work from home set up (laptops, monitor, ring light, phones, chargers anyone?) 

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Multiple studies have shown that your work environment can have a huge impact on your productivity, creativity and even happiness. The importance of carving out small spaces for ourselves to have a mental break from clutter or items that we associate with stress (or all those zoom calls!) cannot be underestimated. 

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The plus side of these mini work nooks is that you don't need to find the space for a full desk and storage for your office paraphenalia, the very point of them is to create a minimalist, calm space for your brain to unwind. Mini work nooks are give you the variety you crave in the home/office. They are little drop off points to take calls, tackle life admin, brainstorm or vision board, and they’re most often tucked into otherwise unused corners.

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You can style these mini work nooks with things that bring you joy and inspire you. Unleashed from the 'need' for your usual office clutter, you can simply add a small vase of fresh flowers, an inspiring quote or artwork that brings you joy. Whatever it is that makes you feel calm, inspired and creative. 

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Let us know if you create a mini work nook in your home, we'd love to see how you style it. 



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