How To Hygge Your Home

How To Hygge Your Home

Let's get hyggelig

hygge vibes

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This unexpected snowy weather in the UK has got us thinking about how to make our home super cosy whilst we hibernate our way through these snowy days. The first thing that springs to mind is hygge, that Danish concept that is not directly translatable to English but loosely means a feeling of comfort. We know, we are late to the game with this, it was all over Pinterest in 2017 but, well, it just seems so appropriate this week. We’ve also read a lot of hygge purists explain that ‘hygge is a feeling not a home décor trend’. We totally get it so let’s just call this how to make your home super cosy.


 hygge candles

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All good home décor schemes start with getting the lighting right. The goal here is create an atmospheric vibe so the go to for this is candles. Incidentally, the Danes are the biggest consumers of candles in the world and they know a thing or two about keeping cosy through a long winter. Keep the candles you burn as natural as possible, most scented candles have a lot of chemicals they release into the air. We absolutely love these natural essential oil Hopping Hare candles for that exact reason, and adding scent into the situation can only be a good thing. Creat layers of candles, these concrete candle holders will add some height to your candle scheme. Twinkling fairy lights are also a fantastic way to keep the lighting low and cosy.

Check out our Pinterest board for lots more hygge ideas


 hygge cushions

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You can never have too many. No really, layer up as many as you feel necessary, try a combination of textures for a really cosy look and feel. Stick to a colour palette of two or three different colours max and you will be onto a winner. Choose a neutral wool cushion to anchor the scheme.

Natural Furniture

hygge natural furniture

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Natural materials used in the home help create a more pared back and relaxed feel. Combined with a simple design and all natural textiles, you will be well on your way to creating a hyggelig (hygge like!) home. We love raw natural oak for our furniture, particularly for the bedroom like this natural oak bedside

Layering Textiles

hygge textiles

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The cosy vibe is won with throws in our opinion, add layers of wool and faux fur throws to your sofa and your bed as well as all the cushions we talked about above. Rugs should be extra thick and cosy, sheepskin is perfect. For that really Scandinavian feel, add a sheepskin to your dining chairs. 

Bed goals

hygge bed goals

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Make your bed the Pinterest definition of cosy and if you don’t know what we mean, search ‘cosy bed’ on Pinterst and you will see there is a formula for this look! Crumpled linens in a neutral tone say cosy far more than starched white crisp bed linen, keep it made but slightly unmade for that 'I could jump in right now' look. The perfect crushed linen for this is piglet in bed, get the dove grey. Next, layer up a wool throw and some cushions. Preferably add a sheepskin rug and some cosy slippers next to your bed for extra hygge points.

Create a nook

 hygge reading nook

Find a little space where you can create a reading nook or a music area, whatever hobby you like to wind down to. Make it really special so you look forward to settling in there at the end of the night. Small spaces work best for this one.

Neutral colour palette

hygge neutral colour

There isn’t really much room for colour in a hygge scheme, a neutral tone will create the relaxing feel that you are going for. If you are incorporating some colour think muted blush pinks and cloudy blues.

And finally, don’t forget getting hygge (or comfy) involves being social so invite some friends over, eat some homemade soup in front of the fire and enjoy your newly cosyfied home. 


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  • Well I am feeling very hygge now, ideal weather for it too!

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  • Great ideas to make a home cosy in this arctic weather!!

    Nicola on

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