5 Inspiring Female Interior Designers

5 Inspiring Female Interior Designers



International Women’s Day has got us all fired up about all the incredible female creative entrepreneurs out there. With that in mind we decided to round up our favourite 5 female interior designers who are true leaders in their field. We’ve created a Pinterest board showcasing their amazing talents and will give you plenty of inspiration for your home, no matter how small or big your space. Without further ado, go check out these 5 amazingly talented women.

1. Olga Alekseev


Black & Milk interiors is the interior design agency run by designer Olga and her husband, Anatoly. Olga isn’t fazed by designing for smaller London spaces and explains that  “Living in a small flat is the norm for many people in my home country of Russia, so I know exactly how to maximise space.” We love how she has worked her design ethos of relaxed luxury into her projects

2. Athina Bluff


One half of design duo, Topology Interiors, Athina is part of a new generation of designers who have taken interior design online. Opening up the world of interior design to everyone by making the experience accessible and affordable, Athina creates beautifully styled modern interiors. Check out the workshops that Topology run in conjunction with Made.com if you fancy turning your hand to design yourself.  

3. Fiona Brass


Fiona’s mantra is ‘love how you live’ and that ethos is firmly reflected in her designs. With a focus on creating fabulous family spaces, Fiona’s designs are sure to help you create the perfect environment to create memories for you and your children. The best part is that not only do Fiona’s designs look great but they are truly practical for everyday living.

4. Cherie Lee


Cherie works with a lot of listed and conservation buildings and manages to seamlessly blend classic and period features with modern styling. Cherie puts her clients at the heart of the project and designs rooms that suit their tastes and needs. We love how she used our floating drawers which she painted black in her client’s luxury bedroom design.

5. Abigail Ahern


An absolute powerhouse and legend in the game, we are sure that this lady needs no introduction. One of the pioneers of moving over to the ‘dark side’ and the first lady of luxury faux flowers, Abigail is a true visionary. Follow her Instagram for a peek inside her amazing home and learn how to create truly comfortable but beautiful rooms.

Each of these designers is truly unique in their approach to design but what unites them is a fiercely independent design ethos. Are there any other designers that you are inspired by? Do share!




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