How to design your small home office space

Floating oak wall desk

wall hung oak desk

9 easy steps to your perfect small home office

1. Choose the ideal home office desk

Let’s face it, who has a whole room to dedicate to their home office these days? There are still plenty of niches in your home where you can fit a home office, no matter how small your space. Think outside the box, under stairs, in the corner of your bedroom, in your hallway, there will definitely be somewhere. There are so many desk otions available now that make it possible to have a stylish home office in any corner of your house. Choose a wall hung desk for the ultimate space saver.

wall hung white desk
Photo @fionamphoto

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2. Bin your clutter - the life changing magic of tidying

You probably don’t need that protractor from 1992, so grab a black bag and start binning everything that isn’t totally necessary. As the great William Morris said, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. Once this is done, hide all those ugly but essential office pieces (we’re looking at you shredder) in a cupboard nearby. Keep the space clear and clean.

white clean home office
Photo: Pinterest

 3. Storage doesn't have to be boring

In order to get productive, you need to have your desk top as clutter free as possible. Make sure that there is a storage space for everything so that when you sit down to work you don’t have to move 34982039482 paperclips and biros before you start. Our tip? Go upwards. Even if you only have a tiny space for your home office, there will always be room above. Use shelving, box shelves and wall hung drawers to make the most of your precious desk real estate. Hide home office essentials in cute boxes and baskets and display your more attractive pieces like cameras or beautiful stationary.

oak desk with wall storage
Photo @fionamphoto

 4. Light it up

Nowadays we aren’t poring over paperwork all day long and the use of mainly digital devices means we can be more stylish and less practical with our lighting choices. We love a metallic table lamp to add interest and texture to the workspace. For a really modern look, ditch the traditional table lamp and a use a pendant light above your desk.

home office with pendant light
Photo: Pinterest

5. Artwork

Ok so you have the practical issues sorted, now it’s time to get creative and plan the fun stuff. Make your space as personal to you as you can whether that is by hanging your favourite piece of artwork over your work desk, an inspirational quote or a gallery wall of your family pictures. Whatever it is that gets you motivated to work. We love this fun Kate Moss image in home office of blogger Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

Home office of The Skinny Confidential

Photo: The Skinny Confidential

6. Home office desk accessories

There’s nothing that gets us more in the mood for working than cute stationery. There are so many options available now, there’s just no excuse for a boring notebook. Kate Spade has the most amazing selection of colourful and imaginative stationary from notebooks to planners and pens. A surprisingly good budget option is Sainsbury's, they have some amazing marble set options as well as some great block colour items. Don't forget to add in a good coffee cup, fresh flowers and a scented candle to create atmosphere.

Kate Spade stationary
Photo: Pinterest

7. Comfy office chair

Don't fall down at the last hurdle and think you need a 'proper' office chair circa 1982. Get yourself a beautiful armchair which has enough support for your back but is also comfy enough for some long work sessions. Anyone else so over the Eames style chairs that have been everywhere for the last few years? Use your chair to add a pop of colour and texture to a space that is otherwise all hard surfaces. Alternatively add a sheepskin chair cover to your existing chair for a cheaper way to achieve the same look. 

Home office chair
Photo: Pinterest

8. Choose a colour scheme and stick to it

White, pink and teal with a pop of gold is a current blogger favourite and it creates a super feminine but classy look. We also love a monochrome look with metallic highlights. Whatever you decide, stick to a limited colour palette, and even make sure your stationery sticks to that code for a coherent and sophisticated look.

white and pink home office

Photo: Pinterest

9. Add plants

With the current botanical trend still raging strong, it would be amiss of us not to add this final point. And why not, plants bring colour texture and life to a space. If like us you kill almost any plant in your possession then take advantage of the amazing faux selections currently on the market. Abigail Ahern is the current leader in this trend and has an amazing selection.

home office with plants

Photo: Pinterest
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  • Lots of great tips here! I already have a a desk but the wall desk idea would have been great for my small space.

    Chi on
  • This is amazing stuff, love it.

    Matthew on
  • This is a great post. My work space at home is tiny and not the most enjoyable place to be but this has inspired me to give it a make over!

    Chad on
  • I love these tips especially space saving by going up … genius!! These pictures and ideas are making me want a new work space!

    Nicola on

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