5 Tips on Throwing a Christmas Party in a Small Space

5 Tips on Throwing a Christmas Party in a Small Space

Conquer your small space this December with a hugely fun Christmas party! Tiny homes have transformed from problematic to covetable designer interiors, and we love it. So, we’ve put together top tips on what you need to throw an awesome party this festive season. 

1) Perfect your guestlist

Before you can dive deep into the details of party planning, choose a date and set up your guest list. Limit your guest list to fit your space. Inviting 30 people to a container-sized home might be a challenge too far. Figure out the perfect amount of guests for that buzzy vibe. Send out pretty themed invites and get the headcount of attendees; you’ll need it for the meal plan below.   

2) Use Décor Wisely

Pick a theme to make the party flow seamlessly. Add hanging and wall mounted décor throughout your home to emphasise the festive spirit, but don’t overdo it. A few overhead paper garlands and Christmas lights are enough to add a little fun. Beautiful tableware and glasses can double as décor too, so show off all your favourite pieces. And if you must have a Christmas tree, consider a space-saving wall tree as a final touch.

3)  Plan Food & Drinks

Keep the menu small and simple. Pick dishes where you can do most of the prep and cooking before the guests arrive, preferably even the previous day. Add a special café touch with a large handwritten menu and hang it onto the wall near the dining area. Divide snacks and place them on different surfaces around the room to encourage your guests to move around and mingle.  Stick with simple, self-serve drink options so that everyone can feel comfortable to help themselves. Remember to label glasses with tags to avoid orphaned drinks later on!

4) Maximise Space

Embrace your tiny space and make the most of the square footage by clearing any clutter and designating an area for guests’ coats and bags. Try to incorporate visual tricks like a mirror to create an illusion of a more room. Space saving furniture is awesome but if you haven’t quite yet got around to down-sizing things, move around what you have to create the best layout and flow.

  • Multiple room party

Upsize your party to include more than one room in your home. A dining area and cocktail/lounge are all you need. Keep the theme and festive cheer in both rooms and in the hallway with fairy lights and Christmas décor to unify the separate spaces.

  • The hidden storage solution

If you have multiple rooms choose one that will act as a storage spot for bulkier items. Bookshelves, TV’s, and media consoles can all be packed away for an evening of festivities. Save a little space if you need to and move the dining table to clear the floor for some dancing after dinner.

  • One room fixer

Rethink your furniture. A side table is perfect for snacks, a coffee table can double as a dining table, and a bed base (with a protective throw) can seat 8-12 people! If you have to align items along the wall, then do. Just don’t narrow the room too much. No chairs? No problem! Use fluffy throw cushions as seating and ask your guests to bring one as their entry ticket if you don’t have enough. A bookshelf can also easily be repurposedas a drinks table.

5) Layer Light

Ambient lighting is essential to a successful party because people tend to feel relaxed in soft light as opposed to feeling tense in bright, clinical light. Create layered lighting byusing different light sources. Tea light candles on table tops,suspended fairy lights,and dimmed downlights are perfect for an evening affair.

Small apartment parties are memorable because of its scale, so put on some music and have fun! Remember that you’re surrounded by family or friends who won’t mind helping to move things around after the night is done. If you have tips we didn’t mention, we’d love to hear. Let us know in the comments below!

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