We are passionate about making furniture which is ethically produced and sourced from sustainable raw materials. However, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond this and we are striving to be sustainable end to end. 


One of the things we noticed most at the beginning of this journey was how most marketing was based on 'new' and 'latest drops'. To us this seemed like a consumerist mentality which was not conducive to preserving our planet. So we adopted Vivienne Westwood's mantra of 'buy less, choose well and make it last'. We build furniture to last, that can be re-purposed to different rooms if needs change. We try not to buy into the latest trends and only launch something new if we feel it really meets a need. 


We have been working with our artisan workshop in Hungary for the past 6 years, not only for the excellent craftsmanship but also for their sustainability credentials. All oak is sourced locally at the Matra forest region, just a few kilometres from where the furniture is made. Tree felling here is strictly regulated and new trees are planted for all those felled. 


Our factory has it's own sawmill so all wood is carefully processed on site. 


We are working on all aspects of sustainability from sourcing to marketing and packaging. Sustainability is a constant practice and we aim to incorporate it across our entire business.