The floating bedside table buying guide

The floating bedside table buying guide

If you've never purchased floating furniture before and are not sure what kind of bedside table is best for your room, we've got you covered.

Here is the complete guide with everything you need to know about purchasing a floating nightstand.


The benefits of a floating bedside table

A problem with standard nightstands is purchasing one which corresponds perfectly with the height of your bed.

With floating bedside tables, this is no issue as you can mount a floating bedside table at any height whether its next to a junior bed, futon, or king size.

In addition, you have room under the bedside for your slippers, any additional storage or accessing drawers under the bed.

Super practical.

There are three main considerations when deciding which floating bedside table is best for you.


While you won't need to bother measuring height for a floating bedside table, you will need to measure up the dimensions next to your bed to select a size that will fit comfortably.

Urbansize floating bedside tables vary in width from 30-40cm.


Match your bedside table to your bed, other furnishings or pick a contrasting colour.


Think through what things you need at your bedside - a glass of water, a book, glasses etc. This will determine how much storage you need.

All Urbansize floating bedsides include a storage drawer, but if you're a reader or keep skincare or medications at your bedside, you might want to go for a two drawer or shelf option.

Small floating bedside tables

If space is really tight, here's a run down of Urbansize's smallest floating options.

Floating bedside table

Floating bedside table

This clean, Scandi design offers maximum practical value. In addition to a drawer, there is an open shelf perfect for a book or Kindle.

If you want to match the bedside to the bed or other furniture in the room, this bedside is a good option as it is finished in a silk finish paint in white, grey or black.

Oak floating bedside table

If you're after a natural wood look, this solid oak bedside is a great option. It's finished in a natural oil to keep the colour and feel as close as possible to raw oak.

Oak floating bedside table

Floating bedside table with oak top

This design mixes natural wood with Scandi white. It has the same functionality as the floating bedside table with the addition of an oak top.

Floating bedside drawer

If you're not a reader and just need a surface for a lamp and a cuppa, this design is a great, minimal option. It has ample surface space as well as one, generous drawer.

It's available and white, white with an oak top, or limited edition pink.

Large floating bedside tables

If you have an extra 5 - 10cm to spare, you can go for a bigger option.

All the options just discussed (except the limited edition pink) also come in a larger 40cm width.

In addition there are a few bigger nightstands with two drawers or shelves.

Floating bedside table with oak front drawer

Good for readers, this design includes an open shelf above the drawer, perfect for a book or Kindle.

Double drawer bedside tables

Alternatively, if you want extra storage or just want everything tucked away, there are two options with double drawers - one in white, and one in natural oak.

These designs are super minimal and clean and will definitely combat clutter.

Floating bedside tables are super practical and small enough to fit any room.

They are all delivered with wall fittings and easy to follow instructions as to how to wall mount.

Their clean Scandi design is highly adaptable to a range of modern palettes, so time to measure up your bedroom and determine which is the best fit for you.




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