Introducing our Hallway Edit

Introducing our Hallway Edit

We are all about trying to make small space living easier over here at Urbansize. After talking to a bunch of you about pain points in a small space, one area came up again and again, the hallway! I mean, for a lot of us, we don't even really have something we can call a 'hallway', more like the chaos spot in the morning where we try to find our keys, phone and money before running out the door. 

To try and bring a bit more calm and organisation to your day, we did an edit of our pieces for all your hallway dramas. We have three new pieces to introduce to you as well as a new way of styling two of our existing products for your hallway. 

1. Hallway Tidy

hallway_tidy_small_hallwaysWe call this our 4 in 1 hallway solution because within the tiniest of spaces it solves 4 of our common hallway complaints. We have a drawer for hiding away all that untidy post, a shelf for your keys, hooks underneath for your scarves and bags and a mirror for that all important check before you run out the house. 

The shelf is a skinny 15cm so it really can fit into the most bijoux of hallways. The shelf is made from solid oak and finished in a light oil to keep it looking as natural as possible. The drawer and hooks section is made from 100% beech and painted white. This can be supplied with or without the mirror so you can use our one which fits perfectly or personalise with your own. Here it is with a different mirror:


 2. Plywood hallway stand

This is for all the lovers of plywood (like us, we're plywood geeks, read all about plywood here). This again is a super skinny hallway shelf with two slimline drawers to fit all those necessary bits and bobs in. Stylist magazine were a bit fan of this piece, see what they said here


The legs on this piece lean inwards to create a beautiful profile but also, practically leaves more room around the piece so it is less intrusive into the room. 

This one is made from 100% baltic birch plywood. We use the highest grade plywood available so that every layer is birch and there are no gaps in the layers. We've exposed the ply edges to celebrate the material and add interest and the handles are cutouts to keep the look clean and streamlined. 

3. U Shelves

This is a good one if you have literally no room in your hallway or your want to have another piece underneath. We mounted the U shelves near our stairs to show how you can use these even. We also used a simple peg rack underneath for those all important keys/bags/scarves. 


We also love how interior instagrammer Katie of @hello_haus used them in her skinny victorian hallway alongside some gorgeous Muuto wall hooks.


 4. Hallway console

Floating pieces have kind of been our signature style for a long time at urbansize so of course, we had to think of a way to incorporate that into the hallway. We think of this piece as our floating hallway console. This piece is a little bigger than the previous ones so if you have that tiny bit more space available then this is a great option. 


This one has two deeper drawers plus a middle section for easy to grab pieces. We kept the styling really simple on this one, monochrome with greenery, one of our favourites :)

5. Radiator cover

How often is there a really inconveniently placed radiator in a hallway! We've seen this so many times where the only available space in a teeny hallway is taken over by a radiator. To solve this, we've created a shelf designed to fit over it plus hooks underneath for extra storage. 

radiator_coverOf course, it can also be styled in the hallway without a radiator for a clean and simple practical look.

hallway_shelf_oakThis piece is made from 100% european oak and as alway, from sustainable wood, see our post on sustainability here

We hope you like our new collection and can find the perfect solution for your hallway here. We've created a new page for the edit right here so you can have a browse and see if anything would work for you. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these new pieces and let us know if you have any other ideas for hallway, we're always open to suggestions. 

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