How to decorate with green

How to decorate with green

Green interiors have long been a favourite of ours, and while they’re experiencing a boost of attention with the current leafy trends, their appeal long outlasts fashion. 

 The human brain instinctively links green tones with nature. Lighter hues like mint and sage evoke feelings of freshness and serenity, while deeper shades like emerald and forest create a richer, moodier still rooted in earthiness. Popular in Biophilic and Japandi designs, green accents of any shade encourage a sense of synergy between the inside and outside worlds, creating rooms which feel as much a part of your home as part of the wider world.

Here are some colour crush ideas and inspirations for your next decorating stint.




The easiest (and most obvious way) to introduce green elements into any home is with the use of dried or fresh foliage. Eucalyptus leaves are an accessible staple - they’re relatively inexpensive, last for a long time and can be kept as dried stems when they’re past their best.

If stems aren’t your thing, indoor plants work just as well. For easy-to-care-for options which won’t soak up too much time or money, try a Cast Iron Plant, String of Pearls or Hedera.


Because of the intrinsic link to nature, green tones pair amazingly with natural textures like wood, wool and linen. Try teaming your solid oak bedside table with softly crinkled linen sheets, berber-style or jute rugs, sumptuous woollen throws and touches of boucle.


Statement headboards are particularly on-trend but subtle green shades never go out of style. If you don’t want to commit to all green walls or you want to make a feature of your green accent, shiplap wall panelling or a fabric headboard might be the ticket. Team with earthy taupes, beiges and browns to keep things natural.



If the softer, earthy hues don’t quite pack enough punch for you, create contrast by introducing accents from the opposite side of the colour wheel. Deep purples, reds and oranges will introduce anchor points around which the rest of your leafy palette can sing while being easy enough to switch up without needing to redecorate.




In smaller spaces, you might consider creating a half-and-half painted feature, choosing an accent green for the lower half while keeping the top portion light and bright. We love the way @_oldstepsviews has incorporated our Oak U Shelf above the radiator for some cover and surface space - it sings against the sage green accent on the walls.


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