A 2020 - Our Year in Pictures

A 2020  - Our Year in Pictures

To say this year has been a challenge, for literally everyone on the planet, is an understatement. We've all endured life changing and unprecedented events which have completely changed our every day life. We have had to pivot and adjust to working from home and cope with homeschooling children alongside our jobs. 

When we came to review this year, to see what worked and what hadn't, we were so surprised to see that there were some little gems in there. It's important to remember that there are always moments to be found amongst the difficulties. So, here is our year in pictures, highlighting even the smallest of wins to draw out the best from 2020.



We were finally able to reveal the results of our hallway photoshoot. This whole shoot was done on a shoestring budget so it took place in my teeny tiny hallway. Our photographer really had to get creative to get the shots, but I think you can tell he did a great job. The image above was the final result but look at the image below for a behind the scenes look of what we were working with! 




 If you had asked me what my dream publication would be to land Urbansize in, Stylist would definitely be it! So this was really my dream come true.


floating _oak_desk

The first national lockdown was announced, what a shock to the system! Suddenly we are all faced with working from home and everyone becomes very interested in Urbansize desks. 



Meera joined us to take on customer service and social media and is an absolute life saver!


leaning desk

The demand for desk meant we sold out early on and this caused us to sit down and design some more! Based on everyone's needs and specific issues from lockdown. We launched this leaning ply desk when we kept getting asked if we had something EVEN smaller. And here it is.



For the first time ever, we worked in collaboration with another brand on a project. Lovestruck Interiors were launching a new Plywood Height chart at the same time I was renovating my son's room. We created a look for the room which included their plywood ruler and our plywood locker. My son was too shy for photos but my daughter stepped up (not so shy!)



Topology created our favourite look ever using our oak floating bedside in their 'Pink Project'. 



After a few months of back and forth we were finally able to reveal our collab with Urban Outfitters! This was a real pinch me moment, I mean, Urban Outfitters!! 



We launched our new oak scandi style coffee table

We managed our first ever Covid secure photoshoot. It was a real challenge but everyone on set really rose to the occasion and we ended up not only getting good shots but having a really fun day. 







For a while we wondered why we were getting so many hits on our oak bedside tables and then we finally realised, the sorry girls featured us in their basement bedroom makeover video on YouTube! Check out the full makeover here 

And that's a wrap on 2020! Let's be honest, a lot of lows, but some great highs and a lot of learning lessons for sure. Let's see what 2021 has in store for us. I will be posting our 2021 goals soon so keep an eye out for what we are hoping for this year.  

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