2024 Trend Predictions

2024 Trend Predictions

Interior trends for 2024

We truly believe that your home should reflect your tastes and personality and transcends trends. That being said, it's always fun to see what different trends we are likely to see over the coming year in. Here's our predictions on what we think will be big this year.  

Darker tone furniture

Designers everywhere are predicting brown to be the new grey in interiors. This extends to all elements of the home and we have seen some gorgeous new warm brown paint shades. Brown hues can add a warming and cocooning effect to a room.

However, what we have noted in particular are the darker wood shades. We see have seen a lot of darker wood panelling on walls as well as furniture in dark oak and walnut. These deeper shades of wood are also very classic so don't be afraid to experiment with these, they'll outlive the trend. 

Bold colours over all greige

2023 saw a lot of all greige interiors with boucle, micro-cement and limewash all featuring. As ever with trends, we started to tire of seeing those all beige interiors which had little personality and had been taken to the extreme. This coupled with the rise of 'dopamine decor' has led to much more bold hues replacing those blander colours.

If like us you are still a fan of a neutral palette but want to dip your toe into adding colour, use textiles such as throws and cushions to add a pop of bright colour to your decor. A colourful rug can also add a real statement an otherwise neutral room.


Curves had a real moment in 2023 and we don't see that trend going anywhere. We've all seen 'that' curved sofa with it's beautiful if somewhat impractical curves. Curves are also a classic in architecture but are also something we are seeing a rise of in recent times with arched doorways becoming a common feature in homes. 

At first glance, it might seem that this trend is not something that works well in a small space because of the proportions. However, there is furniture that can work well in small space adding small elements of curves and another option would be to experiment with the trend using smaller accessories such as vases and lamps.


Following on from the 'quiet luxury' trend in fashion in 2023, we predict that luxe but understated spaces will be big in 2024. Think pared back design but with luxury materials like oak, silk, marble and statement headboards. 

This is our favourite trend of 2024 and a great philosophy for interior design. Adding luxury touches to a room design can really elevate it and doesn't need to cost the earth. Think brass light switches, quality skirting boards and luxury light fittings to add that 'why does this room look so expensive' feel.

The 'unfitted' kitchen

White sleek kitchens have had their moment and people are moving towards kitsch and eclectic kitchens using free standing storage and even the return of the cabinet 'skirt' aka a curtain instead of a cabinet to hide pots and pans. Whilst this trend is amazing if you are starting from scratch (in your rustic Tuscan hideaway maybe?), it probably isn't practical for most of us. One way to experiment with this trend might be to add some non-fitted elements to you kitchen such as a floating shelf or one free standing cupboard. 

We would love to know what you think of these trends and if you have any of your own to add. What do you think will be big in 2024?

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