Small Home Inspo: The teeniest homes in the UK

Small Home Inspo: The teeniest homes in the UK

Next time you feel like complaining about your teeny living space, take a look at these amazing small houses where the owners have done absolute wonders with the square footage. It is genuinely just so inspiring to see what people can do with a space to really open it up and make it liveable.

So, to help inspire you, we’ve put together a list of our favourite small homes to get you as excited about them as we are. Less space designed well could mean absolute bliss. See how the expert tiny-home dwellers do it, and then try it for yourself. 

1. The Skinny Townhouse


This home is one of the skinniest townhouses in the world. With a 2.3 meter width, this tiny house is narrower than the tube. The interior is a blend of contemporary and vintage, with loads of grey touches to give it a Scandinavian look. We love how alcoves and a shelved gallery wall make this home feel super arty. 



2. The (House) Boat That Rocked


A transporter boat from the 1920s got a sleek makeover, and we’re in awe.  The open-plan living area is surprisingly spacious and light-filled. Profoundly modern, the interior is a mixture of “traditional nautical… with Scandi chic”. But most importantly, this tiny houseboat does have it all. From stylish furniture to a lavish deck for entertaining, you would never want for anything.    

3. Bricked Beauty


Cosy and contemporary are frontline in this small home.  The site was bombed during the war, making it a conservation area. This meant that architect, Fiona Kirkwood, had to keep the red brick façade. She even took it a little further. The ground floor consists entirely of red brick and creates a lovely visual flow from the exterior of the home. We love the Mediterranean feel the brick, Persian rug and colourful scatters add to the home. The before and after the front of this house are truly amazing!



Image credit: Tim Crocker via Kirkwood McCarthy

4. Family Home


White and grey rule this condensed family home, but it is far from cold. This tiny house looks like a traditional London semi from the outside. However, the interior is sleek and trendy.

small_home_bedroomImage credit David Giles via Ideal Home

Once inside, you see the Japanese and Scandinavian influences take over to create a sublimely modern space. The owners have kept the furniture compact and wood floors light to make the home feel spacious.  

5. Box Living

shed_livingImage credit: Dezeen

Lowe Guardians are taking mini living to the next level. Because the number of vacant homes in the UK is rising, the property management company initiated the SHED project. The SHED is a DIY house that you can set up within an existing structure. The design is minimalist and perfect for people with transient living arrangements in mind. 


Tiny Celebrity Homes:

Small rooms and tiny furniture, even celebs like them.  

Keira Knightley


Before their wedding, Keira Knightley and James Righton lived in a small London pad. The celebrity home consisted of bright colours and a little square-footage, just enough to turn around in. Now a family-friendly townhouse in London is what they call home. However, all is not loston the small home front. The new family-pad has quite a square-footage, but the rooms are still super compact.

Jeremy Irons


Strictly speaking Jeremy Iron’s doesn’t have a small pad. But because of his castle’s turret-like shape,the rooms are marvellously micro. Ambient light fills the interior, while the décor looks perfect for one of Iron’s films. This castle may be the smallest we’ve ever seen. If you know about a smaller castle, we’d love to hear about it!


One day we may all be riding on our bicycles, folded home in tow. But for now, let’s keep it grounded and compact. Have you seen any amazing small homes? Let us know in the comments!





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