Plywood kitchen and bathroom inspiration

Plywood kitchen and bathroom inspiration

If you're thinking about a bespoke, contemporary and inexpensive way to redo your kitchen or bathroom, it might be time to go ply!

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Plywood kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are blowing up all over Pinterest and Instagram - so fresh and contemporary. Not only is plywood an insta-dream, but practically speaking, its a really versatile and economic material for kitchen and bathroom renovations.

While raw plywood is authentic and unapologetic, perfect for natural, light spaces, you can also take it in other directions. With some colour, it also lends itself well to retro or industrial refits. You can stain it, or combine different colours for a completely personal result

More and more kitchen and bathroom outfitters are working with plywood and you can even go plywood with an IKEA kitchen hack. Here's some inspiration on how to do it.

Plywood kitchens

Timber kitchens feel warm and authentic, and if you're after that vibe, but are worried about the cost of wood, plywood is a great option. Far from looking like a cheap option, plywood can really shine as a wood whether you opt for the bare natural look or if you want to dress it up with bold colours.

Natural look plywood kitchens

The trick to a stunning, natural plywood kitchen is to let the warm, woody grain become the star of the show.

A professional quality plywood kitchen will usually use birch and should have sustainable accreditations like an FSC certification.


If you want to go for natural and calm appeal with a plywood kitchen, be careful about how you incorporate appliances, like clunky metallic fridges. Keep appliances out of the way, or make them a design element -you can also play up metals to create a rawer, industrial look.

Alternatively, appliances like SMEG can complement a retro plywood fit-out.

Playing with colour

Plywood lends itself really well to retro style and bold colour schemes.

PLykea colour 

So adaptable, plywood can be treated or stained in response to any inspiration. Sheffield-based studio, 'From Works', created a bespoke kitchen based on the inspiration of a moss-covered rock recovered in northern England's Peak District.

Peak district plywood kitchen

Image credit: Dezeen

This 20-square-metre kitchen combines green-stained plywood and steamed beech joinery with grey fossil limestone worktops and splash back sourced from a Derbyshire quarry.

 Sustainable Kitchens' 'Contemporary Eco Kitchen' uses birch plywood and the door and drawer fronts are treated with a white lye stain to give them a soft, chalky look. The end grain and recessed handles are sealed with a water-based lacquer to reveal the patterns of the ply.

sustainable kitchens

Image credit: Sustainable Kitchens

Handcrafted plywood kitchens will tailor functionality and design to your specific home and needs. However, if your budget doesn't permit custom design, you can still go the plywood route on an IKEA staple - the Metod kitchen. There are a few kitchen specialists who will make a plywood doors, drawer fronts, cover panels and worktops specifically designed to fit IKEA's Metod range which allows you to get that bespoke looking kitchen at a far more achievable price. Check our Plykea or Naked Kitchens for some ideas. 

Plywood bathrooms

There’s an idea that plywood can’t be used around water, but plywood can be used to make boats! You don’t even need to use marine-grade for high-moisture areas; you just need to specify to the supplier that the plywood be appropriate for high-moisture areas and then ensure it’s finished with the right product.

Naturally finished plywood is perfect for a warm and soothing bathroom. In Melbourne designer, Dan Gayfer's, bathroom, the plywood perfectly complements the white, bringing warmth to offset the cool blue tones.

plywood bathroom

Image credit: Architectural Digest

A white palette is a versatile base which can help amplify the natural light within a bathroom, as well as maximise the sense of space. Pairing it with a natural material like timber instantly adds warmth and an organic touch.

white plywood bathroom 

Image credit: Leigh Charles

Recessed handles, as in the circular cut out handles in the bathroom above, retain super clean lines really complementing a minimalist aesthetic.

For clean, simple bathroom minimalism, opt for cabinetry with ample storage and style the surface minimally with some luxurious soap and bare essentials.

There are plenty of options to incorporate plywood whether you want to go the bespoke route of carpentry specifically designed for your space, or purchase ready made cabinetry or adaptations like Plykea. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for some great examples of plywood kitchens and bathrooms.

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