Miracle mornings anyone? The ultimate design guide for morning bliss

Miracle mornings anyone? The ultimate design guide for morning bliss



Do you struggle to get out of bed, filled with the dread of another day on the hamster wheel?

Is it madness getting the kids to school on time?

Are you out the door at the last minute, grabbing a coffee on the way?


Do you wake with calm focus?

Is there beauty in what you see around you?

Is there time for some exercise or meditation?

Is there time for you in your morning?


Girl meditating in the morning

Image credit: justdalal.com


Hal Elrod started a movement with his bestselling book, The Miracle Morning, which argues that what you do first thing in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day.


The Miracle Morning Challenge inforgraphic

Image credit: wantforwellness.com


Analysing the habits of highly successful people, Hal observed a common denominator of early risers who implement some kind of self-development routine in the morning that gets their day off to the right start.

So where does design fit into all this?

Design has the potential to affect our mental and emotional state – in this case, how we’re feeling about starting our day.

Think about the first thing you see in your room when you open your eyes in the morning.

What do you want to wake up to?


That article you were meant to read for work?

How does it make you feel?

Keep your bedside clutter-free, and you’re more likely to wake up feeling calm and ready to face the day rather than feeling overwhelmed before you’ve even gotten out of bed.

Make your environment beautiful, and you are truly setting the tone for a joyous day.


Bedside with pampass grass

Image credit: armadillo-co.com


Let the Light in

Start the day right by letting in the light to help shake the grogginess. Perhaps open the windows and let in a fresh gust of air for the new day ahead.


 Wooden bedside table and pampass grass in the corner

Image credit: Lonny Magazine


Enhance the effect with a light colour palette and clean lines.


Light, white Scandinavian bedroom

Image credit: mainlifestyle.dk


Taking some deep breaths, waking up your body with some gentle yoga stretches, meditating, or simply being grateful for the morning light, all make for good starts to the day.


Dalai Lama advice for mornings graphic

Image credit: jillconyers.com

Clutter-free bedside tables

Clutter creates stress and overwhelm.

Not the way you want to be feeling upon waking.

You might have other life situations making you feel stressed when you get up, and if so, don’t let something as banal as used tissues and coffee cups add to the problem! Eliminate what you can control. Get tidy!

Invest in a bedside table with a drawer so you can tuck away all the bits and pieces you don’t want to see first thing in the morning.

Even if you don’t have much space, you can still find a practical solution with something like a floating bedside table.


Urbansize floating oak double drawer bedside

Urbansize Floating Oak Double Drawer Bedside


What do you really need at arm’s reach?

Focus on the book you’re reading right now, rather than a stack.


Scandinavian bedroom with book on bedside chair

Image credit: Boligmagasinet.dk


Perhaps some water is all you need? Rehydrating is the most important thing you can do in the morning.


Bedside table with glass of water and pot plant

Image credit: Adoremagazine.com


Simplifying the practical bits and pieces you need by your bedside can create space for the good stuff – inviting in the beauty!


Antique wood bedside table with flowers and books

Image credit: Homes to Love


What better way to uplift your mornings than bringing nature into view.


Scandi style white bedside table with twig arrangement

Image credit: Homes to Love


Whether its cut flowers, pot plants, branches – nature is grounding and calming – the exact combo you need first thing in the morning!


Bedside table with pot plants and flowers with blue bedlinen

Image credit: Homes to Love



Another grounding influence to consider in styling your bedside is the earthy feel of ceramics.

Consider a couple of extra indulgent minutes in bed with a steaming cup of tea in a favourite mug, savouring the texture and heat in your hands.


4 pottery mugs

Image credit: Society Letters

Urbansize floating bedside table with oak top

Urbansize Floating bedside table with oak top


You could also use a few minutes in bed with your coffee to plan out goals for the day, make some affirmations, or focus on your grand plan.

You can also style your bedside with unique ceramic finds like vases and bowls.


Scandinavian bedside with succulent and ceramic pot

Image credit: Chaotic Harmony

Whit Scandinavian bedroom with simple floating bedside

Image credit: Bolig Magasinet

Modern bedside with ceramic bowl and glass of water

Image credit: The design chaser


They can also be practical additions like these ring dishes from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.


Abstract painted ceramic ring dish

Image credit: Pigeon Toe Ceramics



Another way of bringing nature in and good energy into your morning is to incorporate rocks and crystals of various forms, like this lamp from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie crystal base lamp

Image credit: Anthropologie.com

Close up on wood bedside table with himalayan salt lamp and eucalyptus

Image credit: Bethany Menzel


Don’t mistake the ol’ himalayan salt lamp for kitschy hippy territory. It can work well with clean Scandi style and sustainable timber furniture.


Flat lay display of crystals with copper coloured crystal

Image credit: @oliviaanne_huff


Alternatively, pick something for your bedside that reminds you of your passions or dreams.


Image credit: Home Decorating Ideas 


Or perhaps a gift from a friend or a little something that reminds you to fly.


Minimal timber bedside and headboard with ceramic bird ornament

Image credit: @MaryKozachuck 


Heavenly Inspiration

If you want to keep your mind on higher aspirations from the get go each morning, you could style with spiritual reminders and deities.


Framed bible quote and white buddha head ornament

Image credit: Made by Girl


White and grey bedside with silver buddha ornament

Image credit: Thompson Ferrier


So how do you want to start your day?


Woman doing yoga in the morning


At the core, morning routines are about putting yourself in the right head space to get your day off on the right foot, and the idea is day by day, you can start to change your life for the better.

Whether you want to be more productive, whether you need less stress and more calm, they key is to carve out a little corner of peace for yourself each morning.

This translates to the environment you are waking up in.

Good design can help you bring beauty and calm to your environment, putting you in a positive head-space to start your day.

So think carefully about your bedroom design, especially your bedside table, and what you want to wake up to each morning.

We can’t promise miracles but who knows?

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