Light and Bright Natural Scandi Style

Light and Bright Natural Scandi Style

Why Scandinavians love bright and light interiors

Have you ever wondered why the Scandi look is so white and minimal?

S​candinavia is a geography defined by its relationship to light.

In the summer, days are long and bathed in soft light. Yet for most of the year, Scandinavia is cloaked in darkness.  In countries so vastly affected by light or lack of it, it is not surprising that their interior design focuses on maximising the reflection and experience of light.

Central to light and bright Scandinavian design is natural wood which makes you feel more connected to nature. Pale tones of wood, like pine, birch or plywood reflect light and harmonise perfectly with white, neutral interiors.

Scandinavian design is minimal because it aims to create calm with clean, modern lines.

Clutter creates not only visual confusion, but can make you feel stressed. So furniture solutions that combine clean lines with practical storage solutions, help eliminate clutter and create a cleaner, more relaxing environment.

Light living room

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The Urbansize Ply Range

T​aking these light and bright Scandinavian design elements into consideration, we are proud to introduce our plywood collection.

P​lywood has a perfect pale tone that also reflects light and responds well to a light, bright Scandi colour scheme. It doesn't have to be white. You could stick with pale neutrals or paint the living room white with one colour feature wall, if you want to introduce colour.

Or as many Scandinavians do, you can stick to all white walls, but accessorise with warmer colours in throws, rugs, textiles, artwork. Dusky pinks, golden browns, mustard yellows, autumn browns are all wonderful on trend, and seasonal tones you can go for to bring warmth to a Scandi style living room.

Urbansize Plywood Cupboard

Urbansize Plywood Cupboard

Smart furniture that offers good storage solutions enables you to tuck clutter away, like our plywood cupboard which has plenty of room to ferret away paperwork, books, the kids' games and artwork. Once the door is shut, ahhh. No more clutter, just calm

Plywood is incredibly durable and will last the wear and tear of one of the most well used spaces in the home. Our plywood coffee table was designed with functionality in mind. It has a drawer to tuck away remote controls and other bits and bobs. The drawer runs from front to back of the table to maxmise storage space.

plywood coffee table

Urbansize Plywood Coffee Table

W​ith all the pieces in the collection, we have focused on detailed features like mitred edges and exposing the layers of wood, which makes each piece unique.

How to achieve light, bright natural Scandi style

Living rooms are an essential heart of any home, and Scandi style living rooms are extremely liveable. F​or a light, bright and clean living room, choose natural wood. Natural wood is durable, sustainable and simply beautiful.

Make natural wood and sunlight the focus of the room. It helps reconnect you to nature and promotes a relaxing space that you can cosy up with soft textiles and warm colour accents.

Functional furniture helps keep the living room clutter free. And impromptu visitors and festive season gatherings are no hassle when you have the right furniture with ample storage where you can tuck away bits and pieces with a quick tidy.

W​e hope you will enjoy exploring the light and bright Scandi aesthetic we love so much with our beautiful, durable plywood collection.

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  • Good evening.

    Really loving your plywood range. Will be perfect for our restoration.

    I can’t seem to find any information on the finish that is used. Is the plywood varnished.

    Thanks in advance.


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