How to make a hyggelig work corner

How to make a hyggelig work corner

So you’ve carved out a little piece of space to be your productivity corner, but right now, it’s far from inspiring.


Let’s look at how we can apply the principle of hyggeto cosying up that space so that you can’t wait to get away from the craziness of the kids, dishes and laundry to your little office oasis space with a steaming cup of tea and do what you do best.

If you’re not au fait with the hygge hype, hyggeis a Danish and Norwegian term referring to cosiness which is especially important in these winter months when the Scandinavians know just how to amp up the comfort value. Hyggeis not just a look, but also an experience. When applied to work, it would translate roughly to there’s no reason why you can’t make your work hours as pleasant as possible

Let’s look at seven hyggestyle solutions that can transform your dull corner to a cosy work nook.

1.White, light and bright

We all know the Scandinavians love their crisp white. It’s clean and calm and psychologically conducive to a productive workspace. And white doesn’t need to be clinical or hard-edged modern.


 Image credit: Altomindretning

You can create a clean modern look combining a white palette with vintage finds and some key hygge items – greenery and a throw rug.

Check out our Pinterest board for load more inspo

2. A simple desk

Regardless of what kind of corner you have hijacked, there is guaranteed a desk solution to fit, from floating desks to wall desks.


Image credit: Hej.Hem

Gone are the days we needed full-blown home offices to accommodate clunky PC solutions or reams of paperwork in the days before digital. If you work on a laptop, you don’t need much space. A simple desk that fits the parameters of your space, keeps the space streamlined.


Combined with storage solutions such as shelving, a small simple desk will be unobtrusive in any room. The oak desk for bloggers is a great example of a sturdy, sleek, quality solution that also has two drawers to keep your papers off the surface or migrating to other parts of the house.

3. A stylish chair

A great way to make your work nook cosy is with an interesting chair. It could be a design piece or flea market find.


Image credit: Altomindretning


Image credit: Homes to love

To amp up the cosiness, you could go for an upholstered chair or textiles. Sometimes just some colour will add warmth.


Image credit: Trauermusik

An ordinary chair can become inviting when treated with a lick of paint in that colour you love.


Image credit: Raul Candales Franch/

Whatever style you find inspiring, make sure you’re comfortable. You don’t have to go full out ergonomic office chair dullness, but comfort and posture should be definite considerations.

Make sure your chair and desk height correlate so that you are not scrunching shoulders because you’re too tall or short for the setup. Make it your space by very least making sure it fits your body.

4. A window

Natural light is a gift for a workspace. Not everyone has the luxury, but if you have a corner that is adjacent to a window, be sure you make the most of it.


Image credit: Altomindretning

Again, combining a work corner near a window with white and light colour schemes will reflect the light and help the space breathe.

Be wary of literally corning yourself into dark, cramped corner. This is your home. You want to get as far away as cubicle land as you can!

5. Storage

Storage solutions for your workspace do not have to be extensive since generally the more space you have, the more clutter you will accumulate. Often a few drawers or shelves are sufficient.


Image credit: Geometric Skies

If you have a few stationery items, some box shelves could be enough. To amp up the hyyge, don’t just include practical items, but some beautiful bits and bobs that make you happy. They could integrate with your overall design and colour scheme or be some sentimental oddities that perhaps help remind you why you’re getting all your work done.  Keep your eye on the prize!


Image credit: Vogue Australia

For bulkier items, U shelves might be the answer. Think about whether your shelving could also accommodate the printer or whether there is perhaps a closet nearby to fit a printer, extra cables or large folders.




Image credit: Project 12 Architecture

Vertical storage leads the eye upward. So in small spaces, use shelving to your advantage.

 kitchen_deskImage credit: Bask Interiors

6. Greenery

Creating workspace hygge can be as simple as decorating with a plant or flowers. Combined with pale colour palette and natural light, greenery encourages the space to breathe.


Image credit: Old Brand New
vintage_desk_greeneryImage credit: Sf Girl

Plants are an easy source of hygge because in bringing the outside in, not only do we feel closer to nature and more relaxed, but greenery also provides a pop of colour that keeps the pale palette and simple functionality from being boring.

7. Textiles

True hygge involves softness – textiles and wool, so the final suggestion for extra hygge, especially in the winter months, is the addition of a throw rug, cushion, floor rug or ultimate Scandinavian accessory –the sheepskin.


Image source : Pinterest


Image credit: Passionshake

Scandinavians do use sheepskins a lot, and in the winter months, candles, even in offices, are common.

However, if a sheepskin is too much for you, a rug and a hot cuppa will also pretty well do the trick.


Image credit: Vintage revival

Putting some of these suggestions together, we can see how a light colour scheme, a window, a simple desk with storage and a touch of greenery, can transform a drab work corner into an inviting, sophisticated, clean, new space.


Image credit: Thomas Dahl

So what would entice you to work? Is it soft textiles or clean lines that inspire you? Leave us a comment of what you think creates hyggein your work corner.

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