How to Design a Small Bathroom

How to Design a Small Bathroom


So you’ve got a small bathroom. Don’t fret! There’s no need to compromise on style, it just takes a little more planning and plotting to make the most of that small space. Trust us, you can still have that spa like bathroom, the key is to incorporate touches of luxury which elevate a small space into something really special. Here are our top tips for making the most of your small bathroom.

Don’t rule out a roll top bath


A lot of people think that a freestanding bath is only for a large bathroom but in actual fact it can be perfect in a small bathroom. Why? Because it allows you to see the whole floor space which visually gives the appearance of more room. Also it invokes a feeling of luxury into a small room.

Wall hung vanity



For the same reason, wall hanging your sink vanity unit will really help to open up the area by allowing you to see the entire floor area. Also it gives you a little extra space to store things like your bin or towel tidy underneath which can really make the difference in a small space.




You really need to think outside the box for storage in  a small space where the majority of the area is going to be taken up by the big ticket and essential items like the bath and sink. Have a look at installing a shelf above the toilet or even above the door if necessary.

Have a look at our Pinterest board for more small bathroom inspo

 Shower shelves



THE best invention ever. If you are having a bathroom renovated be sure to ask your builder to install some shower shelves. It involves removing bricks from the wall to create inset shelves which are tiled. Not only do they look incredibly chic but they also provide some much needed space for your cosmetics.



Sticking to a basic colour palette will ensure that the overall look is streamlined and seamless. Monochrome is a really easy and modern way to create a simple but stylish space for a small bathroom. Warm things up with some touches of natural wood like a bath caddy or bathroom shelf. Add a couple luxury bath items for pops of colour.

Ditch shower doors


Shower doors and bath screens can really divide up a room in a way that is unhelpful in a small space. If you can, create a wet room if you have a separate shower and for bath showers, use a shower curtain instead of a screen. But a luxury drapey gorgeous curtain, not the £3 basic one from B&Q. Keep it luxury!

 Short projection toilets



If you are really pushed for space, there are toilets which have shorter projection than normal which can give you more room for the other pieces in the room. Also, a wall hung toilet can help visually open up the room.

 Small but deep bath



If you have to compromise on the length of your bath then make sure it is a nice deep bath so when you go for that soak at the end of a long day, it still has that feel of luxury and pampering. There are some gorgeous slipper baths which are extra deep for exactly this kind of space.

 Giant mirrors/cut to size glass



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again but mirrors are key to a small space. They reflect the light around the room and make it feel bigger. There are loads of great oversized mirrors around at the moment but to fit your space perfectly, why not have a piece of glass cut to size to fit the entire space. It’s cheaper than you would think and adds that bespoke luxury feel we are looking for in the bathroom.

 Luxury elements

 luxury_bath_cosmeticsAll images via Pinterest

Finishing touches make the room. To avoid that feeling of ‘we’ve had to compromise because we have a small bathroom’, be sure to go all out on the finishing touches. Splash out on gorgeous bath salts, use a beautiful bath caddy to display them and go expensive on your towel choices, you won’t regret it and it will really elevate your small bathroom.


Do you have any tips for a gorgeous small bathroom? We’d love to hear. One of our plans for 2019 is to develop some small furniture pieces for small bathrooms and we can’t wait to hear from you what you would like to see in that range.



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