How to Create a Festive Atmosphere with Mirrors and Lighting

How to Create a Festive Atmosphere with Mirrors and Lighting

Glittering lights have a way of making nearly anything feel special. The biggest festivity of the year is no exception, and many people are looking for ways to add a little warm sparkle to their homes. But, instead of winging it and running the risk of creating a danger zone, rather stick to our tips, and you’ll perfect the art of creating a festive atmosphere in no time!


Layer Light

The secret to an awesome atmosphere is layered light. Layered light adds visual depth to a room and sets the mood perfectly. Tiny homes are the perfect platform for layering light because you can pack a big punch with far less than conventional-sized homes.


Pro Tip: Reflective Lighting

Reflecting light is key to a great festive atmosphere in a small space. So, use mirrors, glass, window panes and metallic surfaces to your advantage. Light reflected by mirrors will have the same intensity as the primary source, while light reflected in glass and windows are dim. Light from copper or brass interiorfinishes, on the other hand, cast a warm glow. Try to incorporate different reflective surfaces for a lovely warm and welcoming glow. Here’s how to do it!


Layer One: Big Lights

Primary lighting can seem too harsh for a festive evening, but when dimmers or warm white light bulbs are used, they’re great. Opt for lights with a metallic finish, like a silver pendant, to resemble a mirrored effect. If you want to add more light without adding another light source, place a mirror near a lamp to double its reach. 

You can also use pendant lights as a base from which to create a canopy of festive ambient lights. Forming a canopy or chandelier above a dining table is a great way to create a lovely atmosphere.


Layer Two: The Windows

Create the main focal area in the central part of your home. The living area is a safe choice and often has multiple windows. If your Christmas tree has lights, pop it next to a window or hang waterfall Christmas lights from a curtain rail instead. A light glow will emit through the window, and the glass will bounce a little light back into your home.


Layer Three: Mirrors

Get all the mirrors that you already own (big and small) and add one or two extra to start light layering. Place your Christmas tree on top of a square mirror to have the light will shimmer on the ceiling, doubling the effect. Create a small gallery wall with the mirrors you have; this is especially effective in a small room to help it look bigger than it is. Connect the mirrors with string lights and put a few pine leaves on top of the frames for added Christmas effect.


Layer Four: Candles & Décor  

Use metallic traysand décor to cast subtle light. Christmas décor with a glitter or sparkle element will work too. Add candles to your table’s centerpiece and place copper, brass, gold or silver items on the coffee table and other surfaces. Don’t clutter, but rather add candles and décor only when necessary and if space allows.


Fairy Light Quick Fixes


  • Add string lights underneath the sofa to give it a low-light glow. Place it near the sofa’s edge so that you can see the light.
  • Put battery operated fairy lights in a glass jarand place it on the dining table. If you use a jar with a lid, it can double as an outdoor lantern. To add a secondary layer of light, place the glass on a mirrored surface.
  • Add whimsical light throughout your home. Wrap thin, dainty string lights around dining chair backs and the staircase railing. Just make sure you hide the battery section.
  • Highlight a feature like a large mirrorby draping a string of lights around its frame.
  • Say “Merry Christmas!” with a fairy light sign on the wall, using adhesive wall hooks to keep the lights in place. Create a template by writing the words in chalk first!
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