Hallway inspiration

Hallway inspiration

white hallway tidy

Our white hallway stand

A hallway is the first opportunity your home has to speak.

What do you want it to say?

There are so many clean, Scandi-inspired expressions of 'welcome' from classic monochromatic style to nature inspired or feminine. It's all up to personal taste.

The best thing is, creating a striking hallway is really easy. All you need is a piece or two of well curated furniture that can create a welcoming entrance, even if you don't technically have a hallway! You can still charm guests and make your home more functional by providing a practical pick up and drop off point for keys and coats, creating order and calm.

You might also have a neglected hallway or awkward corner somewhere else in your house that needs some love and attention.

Take a ride with us through some hallway inspiration and discover what direction you'd like to take your hallway.

Monochrome hallways

There's a reason why black and white never goes out of style and why the Scandis love it so much. It works. Time and time again. Simple and classic, this look is really easy to do. You don't need to colour coordinate anything or mix and match patterns. You can always enliven the classic black and white by adding some greenery, as in the image above. You can also take black and white in different directions by accessorising with other materials.

For example, in the image above, monochrome goes natural with the combination not only of live greenery, but also the addition of natural wood, with the stool playing up the wooden floor boards. Conversely, black and white stylings with materials like polished concrete, herringbone tiles, marble, gold and copper fittings, can take monochrome in a more luxurious direction.

Natural style hallway Decostore

A simple, nature inspired hallway. Image credit: Decostore

Natural hallways

If you like a simple, natural, clean look, the key is to introduce natural wood. Pick a hallway stand, shelves or tidy in natural wood and accentuate with neutral toned ceramics to create calm. To further enhance a natural feel, include some flowers or a plant. Dried flowers and pampas grass are great zero maintenance additions that work really well with a neutral palette.

oak hallway stand
Josie @Harry, Beau and I styles our plywood hallway stand in calming, natural tones.

The other key to a natural hallway look is to open up the natural light in the space as much as possible. This can often be a challenge in narrow, dark hallways. Here your best friend is a huge mirror to beam about all natural light.

Place the mirror strategically to try get it to reflect the light from another room. Consider supplementing with artificial light where necessary, or if budget permits, put in a sky light, or look to installing a window above the front door.

Feminine hallways

For a feminine look, go pastel! Pastel shades have been back big time the past year or so with the revival of blush pinks and the pastel of 2020 is a minty green tone dubbed Neo Mint. It works well with some girly pink accessorising, expertly done here by Gemma from @Caffeine and Cacti with the pink throw teamed with a soft, inviting lambskin.

hallway tidy

Gemma's pretty hallway featuring our hallway tidy. Image credit: @Caffeine and Cacti

However, you can achieve a beautiful, crisp, feminine hallway many ways without using pink. An instant feminine pep is a generous bouquet of fresh flowers regardless of colour scheme. You can also pretty up the space with some decorative wallpaper.

Or consider a picture rail.Picture rails are super practical because you can so easily change up your artwork without rehanging and sizing. This way, you can style your hallway seasonally with blooms and artwork to celebrate a season or current fad and simply change it out when you get bored.

picture rail in the hallway

A picture rail instantly pretties up a hallway, and here adds functionality with some hooks. Image credit: Delikatessen

Lastly, consider textiles in the hallway, as Gemma did above, to introduce comfort and softness to the space. A chair or bench are a great addition if you have the space. In winter especially, you'll be glad for a seat while tugging on those heavy boots. Include a throw, skin or cushions to create a soft, warm welcome. Even if you don't have a seat, a rug or wall textile could do the trick.

When you don't even have a hallway, you can create a beautiful space by allocating an area for your 'hallway'. It makes good sense to style a hallway space either right by the front door or next to stairs, but you could also create a 'hallway' in an unused corner.

In an open room or studio space, you can create some hallway functionality with some shelves or hooks. Even if you don't technically need somewhere practical to hang scarves and leave keys, you can make a design focus by putting some beloved objects on display - ceramics, photos, artwork and of course plants and flowers, work well to give visual focus to otherwise ambiguous empty space.

Dutch hallway

Ilona Polycen shows us how to make the most of a shelf and hooks in her home in Holland. Image credit: My Scandinavian Home

If you don't have room for a table or bench, there's always room for a shelf or hook. If you don't need any storage, a U shelf is a great option to create a little display to inject some more personal style into your home. A beautifully curated U shelf is the difference between a home feeling unfinished and neglected to having a unified, personal aesthetic that carries throughout the home with purpose and loving intention.

U shelves

Our U shelves with a key hook

You don't need a lot of space to create a welcoming, well styled hallway. All you need is inspiration.

With a couple of well chosen pieces of furniture that fit the size of your space, you can pretty up any boring hallway and create a striking introduction. As you can see, there are lots of crisp, light hallway styles to choose from.

Which way are you going to go?

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