Top trends for pink interiors in 2019

Top trends for pink interiors in 2019
"Colors I see in for 2019 are blush, dusty pink and bronze. Warm colors and feminine tones for on the walls and dashes of soft pinks to break up expanses of taupe or neutrals will instantly update a tired room."—Katharine Pooley of Katharine Pooley London quoted in Elle Decor

Pink is not just for little girls.

Pink is not even just for millennial girls.

Pink is political, cool and comes with a plethora of buzzy new names, rose quartz, millennial pink, Tumblr pink and Pale Dogwood.

What the?

If you don't have time for the detailed historical and political pop culture coverage on the phenomenon, it's enough to know that pink is now for everyone and design wise, doesn't need to be limited to the bedroom.

Right now the forecast is warm, pulses are up, and palettes are flushed with dusty to golden brown pinks, complemented with bronze accents to keep us warm well into winter.

Pink dining area

Image credit: UdA via Italian Bark


The dining room may be one of the least places you would expect to pull off some pink tones, but pink complements the hearth of a home - the dining table where not just food, but laughter, storytelling, love and friendship are shared.

pink wall

Image credit: Italian Bark

To use pink boldly in a communal space while keeping it adult, tame it with dark furniture, like the black dining setting above or natural wood as in the image below.

pink dining room with natural wood dining table

Image credit: Planete Deco

The colour could be as restrained as some indulgent feminine dining chairs.

pink dining chairs
Image credit: @elinlannsjo on instagram


And as long as we're using pink tones in the dining room, why not the kitchen?

Blush pink in the kitchen is a real balancing act as it doesn't generally work well for a hygienic space.

Pink tones are a more natural fit with cosy spaces like lounges and bedrooms, but with restraint, they can be done with a clean, minimal quirkiness in the kitchen.

pink kitchen with grey splashback

Image credit: Behance

The modern apartment featured above and below, uses pink throughout.

In the kitchen, the boldness of the pink cabinets is restrained by a grey splashback and cabinets over the cooktop.

pink kitchen

Image credit: Behance

The cool minimalism of the space is further balanced by the beautiful natural wood dining table.

A similar contrast effect is used in a much more traditional kitchen below, where the homeowners have created the same tonal contrast with bluish grey tiling.

pink cabinets and grey tiles in kitchen

Image credit: Topps Tiles

They have also limited the pink tone in the cabinets, while the marble bench-tops make the whole look luxurious as well as livable.

Pink living

The lounge room is a great natural fit with dusty pink tones that ooze comfort and warmth.

An easy way to introduce feminine tones is a soft and comfy pink couch. Pick up the theme with artwork, flowers, vases etc.

pink couch and artwork

Image credit: Holly Marder

For a luxurious feel, a velvet couch will definitely steal the show.

pink velvet couch

Image credit: Pinterest

Accent with gold finishes to keep up the luxe feel, but add green to balance out the girliness.

anthropologie chairs

Image credit: Anthropologie

Deep green accents really well with blush pink and is perfect for not only balancing the pink effect, but bringing in nature.

pink couch with green plants

Image credit: Rose & Grey

pink wall with pot plants

Image credit: Ferm Living

Dreamy Pink

As with the lounge room, the bedroom really suits feminine blushing pink tones. It's easy to introduce with bedding.

pink bedding

Image credit: H&M

Note that as with green, mustard yellow or ochre is another fantastic contrast colour for dusky pink palettes. It enhances the earthiness of the pink and when combined with some greenery, has a very grounding effect.

Alternatively, if you're all in for pink on the walls, you can go for contrasting browns and a deeper maroon bedding to offset the pink and make it grown up.

maroon bedding and pink wall in bedroom

Image credit: Home decor interior designs club

Here the owners accessorize smartly to dual effect. Firstly they are able to create an earthy natural feel with the flowers and wood, and secondly, an indulgent atmosphere with the velvety bed linen.

To amp up the luxury bring in the gold or copper accents.

The bedroom below does so with the lamp and bedside table. The gold really sets off the bold, deep blush pink wall. 

luxurious pink bedroom

Image credit: Pinterest

This room also goes the extra mile on soft textiles with the grey upholstered bedhead. 


And just when you thought you couldn't possibly use pink anywhere else, yes, its popping up in bathrooms everywhere.

No longer an 80s horror story, the pink bathroom is making a comeback in quirky and sophisticated ways.

dual pink vanities

Image credit: Rebeca Judd loves

Pink can instantly funk up an otherwise ordinary, neutral, grey bathroom.

grey shower and pink accent wall in bathroom

Image credit: Ludorn

Or you can go retro with some tiny tiles and make it modern with natural wood accents like this beach house bathroom.

pink beach house bathroom

Image credit: Felix Forest

And if you're lucky enough to have an outdoor shower, why not go all out on the pink? (Don't forget the copper fittings if you really want to be thorough)

outdoor pink shower

Image credit: Historias de Casa

Whatever your age or gender, in 2019, pink has become the great equalizer.

It's for everyone, in any room.

While there's no out-ruling bolder shades of pink, the tones that are making the biggest waves for interiors are on the dusky, warmer spectrum.

Take it in baby steps with art and textiles or up the dose with dusky pink walls, furniture and fittings.

Don't be shy.



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