Designer Tricks to Maximise Space in your Small Bedroom

Designer Tricks to Maximise Space in your Small Bedroom

The bedroom: dream factory, sanctuary, dressing room, and occasionally, office too. Your bedroom can be a dozen things, but not cramped. Not only can a small bedroom feel spacious, but it can also be blissfully beautiful. All you need are a few designer tricks to make it happen.

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Lift the Furniture

Gain valuable square-footage by getting furniture off the floor. A floating bed with a built-in bedside table can make a small bedroom feel spacious. Plus, there is room underneath the bed for storage. If the bedroom doubles as an office/study area a floating dressing table saves space, and it also prevents any mid-night toe-stubbing injuries.

Add Height



Make your small bedroom feel larger than it is with an optical illusion. Vertical lines draw the eye up and make the ceiling feel higher than it is.

  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains:

Start by lifting the window dressing. Place the curtain rod just below the ceiling and dress with curtains that gather just near the floor. Choose floor-length curtains that hover 2.5cm above the ground or on-the-floor curtains that have an extra 5-10cm material that gather on top of the ground.

  • Vertical bookshelf:

Get a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. It can be very slim and is handy as extra storage.

Go big with your rug


A large rug will make a room feel bigger than it is. Rugs with a pattern or interesting texture are great but don’t go overboard. Less is best, especially when it comes to small spaces. Ensure that the rug is at least 30cm from the walls. Here you can introduce a design that complements your interior style.

Choose double-use items


Simplify your small bedroom with double-use furniture. Small spaces often result in storage issues. Avoid this fate with items that have hidden storage compartments. So, next time you shop, make sure the furniture you buy will pack a double punch:

  • A stylish trunk can double as a coffee table and storage.
  • A couch with removable cushions and hidden compartments is great for storing linen.
  • A bed with pull-out drawers is perfect for shoes, socks and underwear.
  • A side table with a built-in table lamp saves valuable space.

Hang Lights

Choose suspended lights when you can and install dimmers. Pendant lights are perfect to replace bedside table lamps, freeing up valuable room on your bedside table. They add a modern look and make a contemporary statement in a room too.

Top Tip: Start with the minimum

Bedroom design often begins on the wrong foot. Instead of trying to rearrange what you have, move everything out of the room and start anew. Once empty, stand in the small bedroom and visualise what you want it to look like. Stick to less than three items, and then place them in the room one at a time.



Start with the bed. Finding the best position for the bed is crucial to your enjoyment of the room. Try angles you haven’t tried before. Then move on to the other items. Most importantly, this exercise will make you notice what the bedroom doesn’t need. Sell, gift or give away those items.


Image: @theplantydropper

Do you have a small bedroom? We’d love to hear your small-space hacks, so please tell us in the comments below!



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