Corona Hygge - How to combat cabin fever during Covid19

Corona Hygge - How to combat cabin fever during Covid19

Have you got cabin fever yet? Are you starting to snap at your partner or kids?

Sick of staring at the same four walls?

Then it's time for more hygge.

warm textiles

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There are simple ways you can update your home, make it more cosy and functional to help you feel more comfortable during lockdown and perhaps even enjoy your time at home.

Here's our guide for making your home and life cosier during covid19 lockdown.

Hygge time

Comfort is key right now, so its a good idea to introduce comforting colours like dusky pinks, sepias, mustards and browns. Textiles generate warmth and create instant cosiness, so look to updating textiles around your home.

warm bedroom

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In the bedroom, treat yourself to some new bedlinen in comforting tones and team it with plenty of soft plush cushions, plaids or rugs. Or, if strictly minimal bedding is your style, go for softer fabrics than usual, or some more indulgent details like velvet curtains.

In living spaces, you can introduce warmers tones subtly, without having to buy new furniture (unless you want to go all out!) Consider a new rug or throw in warmer tones to counter grey or neutral toned sofas. And look to your walls.

Maybe it's time to update your artwork with some new prints or posters. Now is not the time for complicated, uncomfortable avant garde works, but follow your instincts to browse some artwork that uplifts you. Look to support some local galleries, artists and designers and local design shops. Many have online shops and will deliver. Google in your area. Or if you've suddenly got plenty of time on your hands, investigate what DIY home improvements and updates you can make, like making your own art for your walls!

gallery wall

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Since you're spending so much more time at home and making all your meals yourself, update your dinnerware with some earthy ceramics. Even some new ceramic mugs and cups for your morning coffee can add something new to your day.

In Scandinavia, a hallmark of hygge, is the simple pleasure of company with friends, over a meal or around a fire. While you can't invite friends over during isolation, you can still socialise -and must if you're going to stay sane! Use this as an opportunity to find out more about your flatmates or family. Make dinners an occasion, and move TV dinners to the dining table and practice the art of conversation! Start a family boardgame night, kareoke or old fashioned charades. Or get crafty. In Scandinavia, the 'hygge' surrounding a lot of festive times of year such as Christmas, or Easter include making decorations together. At Christmas, friends and sometimes even work colleagues will sit down to fold elaborate Christmas stars together as part of their Christmas 'hygge'. Make the most of cold nights by trying out some crafts together or on your own. Maybe now is the time to finally try knitting, crochet, weaving or whatever other handiwork takes your fancy. The repetitive nature or many handicrafts if also really comforting and meditative.

If you live alone, if you're not already using zoom, skype, google hangouts, messenger or whatsapp on a daily basis, now is the time to master video conferencing apps. Have a virtual vino with friends, or 'share' dinner with friends with your computer on the table! Get creative with what you can do with your friends and family online - play games, knit together, play music together - whatever you usually share with your friends and family, keep doing it as best you can using the digital tools available.


Lockdown is affecting all of us in different ways. Some of us have lost jobs or are alone at home with a lot of time on our hands. Others find themselves busier than ever before having to both home school their children as well as work from home themselves and keep a chaotic household running. Whatever your situation, you can practice kindness to yourself and more important than ever, to those around you.

If you're a busy Mum, recognise the almost insurmoutable task before you of keeping a house full of people clean while everyone is home as near impossible and make peace with that. Find solace where you can - in the bathtub, 10 minute meditation 'getaways' in your walk-in closet or wherever you can get it. Know that there is no academic crisis right now. If home schooling slides a bit here and there, your kids are still going to be OK. The most important thing right now is to hold them close and be with them. Now is the time to rediscover 'being' with your kids when you can't traipse around town 'doing' stuff.

If you have time on your hands, nurture yourself. Take on projects around the house that you haven't got around to yet. But also be kind to yourself and allow yourself some down time to regroup - especially if you're out of work. Refocus on what you can do for others. Can you shop or cook for an elderly neighbour? Deliver meals for aged care or bake for friends? 

Even if it's just doing a teddy bear window, now is the time for not only home improvements, but considering how we can bring a light from our home to another.

A new life

It's time to make the most of rays of light coming through the window, the glimpses of blue sky and the smell of spring in the air.

This is the time to embrace a new season, a new way of being, new habits and most of all, hope.

If you've got kids it's time to plant seeds and carrot tops in egg cartons. For apartment dwellers, time to get your balcony or windowsill herb garden into gear. Cultivating your own herbs not only makes you feel more at home and introduces fragrances, but they are really handy for all the cooking and baking you're going to be doing during the rest of lockdown. Now is the time to experiment in the kitchen, or indulge in all those comfort food family favourites. And if you've got time on your hands, you can go crazy with other indulgent herb projects.

Start bringing the outside in and readying any outdoor spaces you have to extend your living space when weather permits. Look at how you can revamp balcony spaces with a new chair or cushions, some solar powered lights or hurricane lamps. For those of you with more outdoor space, consider a fire pit and dust off the barbecue.

balcony hygge

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The key to being happy at home is accepting the situation. If you start thinking about how long this might go on for and how long you can hold out, you will freak out.

Focus on each day alone, accept being at home for that day and as far as revamping your place goes, look to what you can do right now to make yourself more comfortable at home.

If you are bored, look to how you can introduce some new elements into your home either by making things yourself if you've been hit economically, or doing some online shopping if you have the funds, to breathe new life into your space.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, it might be time for some de-cluttering.


You may find than in order to get through being at home so much, you need better organisation. Either to avoid being overwhelmed by stuff around you or to make your home functional with multiple people at home at the same time.

Having a house full of people at home demands a clearer zoning and organisation of space - for example work space, space for meals and spaces where individuals can find some time out. If you live in an apartment, this is particularly challenging and might require temporarily reworking the current layout of your home. If working from home is a challenge, get serious about organising your space to get it done. Or it may be that you need to be more organised in housing each inhabitant's belongings which are finding themselves strewn around the house. It's time to get all the kids onboard a tidying and cleaning schedule or rules so you don't find yourself drowning in stuff. Organisation principle number one always applies that everything needs to have a home and return to a home, so if you're feeling depressed at home because there's just stuff everywhere - take this one to heart and try get everyone in the household to zone homes for their belongings and make sure stuff goes back to its own home after use so you don't drive eachother mad with your mess.

brown bedroom

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If you're reading this article, the liklihood is you put a lot of thought and love into the design of your home and value a well designed, beautiful and functional living space.

It's now those efforts will be paying off since the more effort you have put into making your house a home, the more likely you are to be content spending some time there.

If you haven't had time to make updates for a while, now may be the time to invest in some new decor, homewares or furniture that will make your space more functional and fun to live in. Think comforting, warm tones and textiles. Look to any outdoor spaces you have -from terraces to windowsills and start preparing for the warmer weather so you can extend your living space and invite some fresh air and sunshine in.

Turn off the news and try forget you have been 'forced' to stay home. Accept being at home, take it one day at a time and remember it won't be forever, so find some corona hygge. Instead of dwelling on all the things you can't do and places you can't go, re-focus on all the things you can do at home.

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