Celebs live in small spaces too

Celebs live in small spaces too
Small Celebrity homes

Celebs small homes scandinavian style nordic interior

Credit: marieclaire.com

Small living is snuggling its way into many hearts, and celebrities are no exception. Their small celebrity homes have one thing in common, space-saving furniture! Here are the rich and famous who treasure their tiny houses.

Christina Ricci

Petite but glamorous! Actress, Christina Ricca’s former home in LA was on the small side at 175m2, but it boasts a big personality. Deeply eclectic, Ricca’s interior consisted of mid-century modern furniture, various wallpapers, animal skins, a tiered glass chandelier and a bold turquoise tuxedo sofa.

A peek inside Christina Ricci's small space home

Credit: http://celebhouses.blogspot.com/2010/07/christina-ricci-house.html

An open-plan layout kept this small celebrity home feeling spacious. Ricci layered light with wall sconces and suspended lighting, and saved on space.

Matthew McConaughey

Interstellar and Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey likes a home that’s on the go. He customised an Airstream trailer into a surfer’s dream retreat with a bedroom he dubbed “Honeycomb”. According to the actor, small spaces are relaxing because “you’re limited in your options”.

Matthew McConaughey’s Home in Malibu

Credit: www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/matthew-mcconaughey-airstream-slideshow#2

Tiny home living is best with a minimalist approach, which is what you’ll find in this essential bullet-sized home. However, there is no skimping on quality as McConaughey installed a handcrafted dining table and full gas oven. He’s chosen to open up floor space with dining chairs that fit in underneath the table and hidden storage compartments in the sleeping- and living areas

Vincent Kartheiser

A 54 m2 studio apartment is not quite what we associate with the rich and famous. But, Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser surprised with his markedly small celebrity home. A black slate bathroom, a closet with shoji screens, dark wood floor and minimal courtyard, give the compact space a distinctly Japanese look.

Modern bright and airy living room with nods to a Scandinavian style

Credit: www.dwell.com/article/the-tiny-hollywood-home-of-mad-mens-vincent-kartheiser-0572da26

The one-bedroom wonder has a definite industrial influence too, with a suspended bed that can float up to the ceiling to expose a floating desk for work-mode. This predominantly masculine interior is softened with floral and natural touches that make this tiny home impressive rather than imposing.

After Alexis Bledel (Rory from Gilmore Girls) and Kartheiser got married, they moved into a cosy modern Penthouse. Scandinavian décor and furniture give this small celebrity home a minimalist charm, while large windows ensure ample light bounces off the white walls.

Scandinavian style at Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel's lovely home

ceiling scandinavian style

In their tiny kitchen, the couple saves space with a pot railing that keeps copper pots up high and out of the way. An interior window in the bedroom faces a double-storey staircase that leads to double windows, adding an illusion of space. Cosy but far from cramped, this compact celeb home oozes sophistication and comfort.

scandinavian kitchen and living room

Credit all three photos: www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/news/g3656/alexis-bledel-vincent-kartheiser-home/



Musician Kesha may be wild at heart but when it comes to her home style, “Spanish comfort” says it best. A lush but miniature garden envelops this small celebrity home in California and transforms it into a hidden retreat.

The blue and white colour scheme adds a nautical atmosphere to the home and reflects light! Both natural and artificial light reflect off white walls while dark colours tend to absorb light. Glass panel doors and the open layout of Kesha’s home can easily double how big the house feels. Plus, transparent coffee and dining tables save visual real estate.

Saoirse Ronan

We weren’t too shocked that Mary Queen of Scotts actress, Saoirse Ronan, preferred tiny home living in her native Ireland. Ronan has since moved on to live in America, but we still adore her old seaside cottage in Dublin.

white interior closet scandi style

Credit: evoke.ie/2017/12/01/showbiz/gossip/saoirse-ronan-house-howth-market

The modest home boasts a tiered deck behind the house and a fireplace in the living room. At 110m2, multifunctional furniture is ideal for this compact space. Rich oak-coloured wood floors complement the crisp white walls. The shelves are almost invisible which is perfect for avoiding a cramped look in a confined area.

Space-saving, whether you’re a celebrity or not, is essential to a happy tiny-home lifestyle. Share your tricks and insights with us in the comments below. We love to discover more alternative and sustainable ways of living small!

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