7 Scandinavian Stylers for your inspiration

7 Scandinavian Stylers for your inspiration

If you're into Scandi style, it can be hard to find the latest interiors inspo when you don't speak the language!

A lot of popular Scandinavian interior designers don't have time to blog, although some manage instagram. Thankfully there are also some English speaking bloggers devoted to covering the Scandi landscape for an international audience, so you can get an authentic dose of  real Scandinavian homes and the latest on Danish craftspeople and designers. There's only a few that really have the scene covered.

Here's where you need to go.

golden tones living room
Image credit: @Polkenstudio via Bungalow5

1. Allan Torp

For English speakers looking for some amazing Danish inspiration, Allan Torp is the man to go to.

Allan has a fashion background and passion for furniture and design which drove him to start his blog in 2010. There aren't any other Danes blogging with the consistent quality of Allan, and definitely not in English!
Allan's blog, Bungalow 5, doesn't just cover interiors, but also architecture, art and travel. That said, he manages pretty comprehensive interiors coverage and works with a range of Danish designers and magazines. He has also published his own book on interiors, 'Scandinavian style at home'.

Bungalow 5 has got great images and home tours. Allan also has a newsletter. Also worth watching if you really want to get into the Copenhagen vibe, are his video interviews with Danish designers (subtitled in English) - the 'Coffee talk with craftspeople' series.

If you are thinking of re-doing your kitchen, now is the time to head over to the blog which has recently featured a number of 'kitchen of the week' articles.




2. Frida Ramstedt

Frida Ramstedt is based in Goteborg and is an expert on interior trends. She won the Elle Decoration Award for 'Best Interior Design Blog' for her site, Trendenser. She started the blog in her last year of university to showcase her interest in interior design and ended up doing her thesis on IKEA's marketing in China.

She's also written a book, 'Handbook for interior design and styling' which is a technical guide on the principles of interior design.

Trendenser is the biggest Scandi interiors blog with over 200,000 unique visitors per month.

The catch is, the blog is in Swedish, but it includes a google translate button in the top right corner to a number of languages.

It covers interior trends and also a bit of lifestyle stuff like fashion and beauty and its probably the place to go in the coming 7 weeks for the lowdown on gorgeous DIY Christmas decorating.



3. Nikki Brantmark

Nikki is a Londoner who moved to Sweden and is bringing Scandi interiors inspiration to the English speaking world.

She started her blog in 2011 and in 2019 she launched an online interior design service. She's written 3 books on interior design and brings a British sensibility to Scandinavian aesthetics.

With beautiful images specifically devoted to interiors, My Scandinavian Home is a great place to hit for authentic Scandinavian home tours and local inspiration. Based in Southern Sweden, she is convenient placed to also cover neighbouring Denmark.

Her most recent posts are full of eclectic Danish treasures.



scandi style loungeroom

Image credit: My Scandinavian Home

4. Scandinavia Standard

Two Aussie girls living in Copenhagen, Freya McOmish and Rebecca Thandi Norman, are behind 'Scandinavia Standard'. They created the blog as a kind of Scandinavia guide they wish they had when they first moved to Denmark. They launched a travel app in 2018 and aim to connect travellers and Scandiphiles around the world with goings on up North.

Although they cover a wide range of topics, like Allan Torp, they are doing a pretty good job of covering interiors with crisp text, informative interviews and their home tour series, 'The White Room' where you'll find some inspiring images of real Danish homes of all sizes and budgets.




Image credit: Erik Lefvander for The New York Times

5. Lotta Agaton

Lotta Agaton is a veteran Swedish interior designer who founded her own studio in Stockholm in 2004. She helped found Residence Magasine 20 years ago where she was also managing director and for which she still regularly styles. She is quintessential monocromatic, minimalism and has worked with clients like Herman Miller, IKEA and H&M for 20 years.

One of the most influential interior stylists in Scandinavia, her small studio of 4 juggle projects around the world. They do property developments, commercial and private and she is well known for her apartments around Stockholm.

She is known for her artful styling, mastery of colour palettes and attention to detail.

She doesn't blog and her website is not the easiest to navigate, but she does instagram and the quality of her work and reputation earn her spot number 5 on this list.


6. Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft

Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft are ceramicists and both studied at the Danish Design School. They started a shop after graduating because they thought Copenhagen needed a ceramics shop. They called it 'Stilleben' which is a German art concept referring to a work of art depicting inanimate objects

They opened their store in 2002 when there weren't really small design stores in Copenhagen and Stilleben has since expanded to two locations and become one of Denmark's leading design stores,  making headlines internationally.

Ditte and Jelena design their own product lines as well as products for other Danish brands and are famous for their Omaggio vase which they designed for Danish ceramic brand, Kahler.

They do not blog but you'll find a range of eye candy worth drooling over on their instagram.



Image credit: Stilleben

7. Gitte Christensen

Gitte Christensen is a Copenhagen based interior stylist. She has a website, Objects and Use, which includes her portfolio and a thoughtful, lifestyle blog. However, like a lot of stylists, she's not posting regular content. However, you can follow her on instagram.

Ditte Reckweg's home
Image credit: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen for Bo Bedre

While you might not speak a Scandinavian language, thankfully design is a visual medium, so you can always get something out of following some popular Scandinavian publications on instagram like @boligliv_dk, @rum_id, @bobedredk, @bobedrenorge or check out Elle Sweden's gallery for room by room inspiration.

Some other Scandinavian interior decorators and stylists and studios you could stalk on insta are @louisedorph, @septemberedit, @alittlestory.dk and @happymountain.dk

Happy Nordic adventuring!

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