5 design elements for a perfectly organised hallway

5 design elements for a perfectly organised hallway

Sometimes it's hard to get your foot in the door. Literally. When your hallway is stuffed with jackets, shoes, kids' school bags among other things, it's time to get organised. Even if you have a tiny, narrow hallway, there are ways of bringing method to the madness.

With these 5 simple design elements, you can perfectly organise even the smallest of spaces to make entrances and exits enjoyable.

1. Pegs

When you don't have room for a cupboard or clothes rack, you can easily provide some hanging space with some peg hooks.

Pegs have that beautiful, simple natural wood aesthetic and can be combined with other wood furniture, like our oak hallway stand pictured below.


oak hallway stand


The pegs under the hallway stand are a really smart way to maximise storage in a confined space as they make use of the space under the top of the stand. This allows you to use the surface for beautiful things - styling with flowers or favourite ceramics, while having the functionality of pegs to hang your scarves, handbag, jacket or even the children's things.

If you live alone or store outer wear in your closet rather than the hallway, just a few pegs might be enough to bring order to a few odds and ends. It could be part of a furniture solution like the hallway tidy (further down this page) or stand alone.

Our two toned rounded coat pegs

You can also go for individual wall pegs in all kinds of colours, shapes and materials. Hang them in clusters to create a statement. Combine sizes and heights to bring a sculptural element to your hallway as in the monochrome Swedish hallway below. Note how you can also drape hangers off the hooks, rather than hang jackets directly on the hooks. Pick some sizeable sturdy pegs if you're going to go this option.

wall pegs

Image credit: Hanna Holmgren

2. Tuck away drawers

Even neat freaks need drawers. In the hallway, they are the perfect solution for those little bits and pieces that otherwise end up places they shouldn't be, like cluttering up the dining table or your bedside!

Rule number one of good organisation is that everything needs a home and should return to it's home when you're not using it. So why not make a home in the hallway for the homeless bits and pieces of your life that seem to aimlessly migrate from room to room with you.

A hallway tidy or table with a drawer is the perfect home for keys, chargers, mail and change. Do a survey of what's cluttering up the kitchen table or those other nasty clutter spots around the place. You know the ones. Can anything be re-housed in a hallway drawer?. Think loyalty and rewards cards, takeaway menus, school forms. What about other things you need to grab as you head out the door - asthma ventilators or other medications, extra contact lenses, sunglasses, library book, kid's tablet. The list of 'stuff' that fills up our days is almost endless, but you can make it manageable and get out the door that much quicker if you make a convenient home for it in the hallway.

drawer detail

 Our plywood hallway stand with drawer

3. A place for post

One of the best things about the digital age is less snail mail. Not only does it make for faster communication and saves trees, it also means we have less clutter! We don't need as much space for post and paperwork anymore and can easily leave it in the hallway, by having a shelf for post on the way to the postbox or incoming mail to open.

While you don't need much room for it, it's good to allocate a spot in the hallway, as not only is it a practical reminder to see the post the mail while you're running out the door, but it won't clutter up your desk or dining table.

hallway tidy

Our hallway tidy features both a drawer, pegs as well as a shelf for mail.

If you have a lot of mail coming in, see if you can cut down on advertising and unwanted mail. Contact authorities to go paperless and have correspondence from utilities, banks and other service providers emailed instead. When you can easily house in-going and out-going mail in a hallway drawer, you've reached the sweet spot.

4. Shelves

If you don't have much to store but want to create a focal point for your hallway, shelves are a brilliant organisational design tool. You can bring focus to both bare or cluttered hallways with a couple of well placed shelves.


Our U shelves

U shelves create a nest of organisational space where there is room for a few important bits and pieces that make your comings and goings smoother. They are also a beautiful way to personalise your space. A U shelf is a great place to put a few beloved items or photos on display that will warm your heart as you go about your day. 

They are also an opportunity to bring the outside in, adorning your shelves with plants or flowers for a smoother transition between out and indoors.

Shelves are great for organising a few essentials while still providing space for purely aesthetic stylings.

Consider teaming some shelves with pegs if you want a bit more storage but don't have room for more furniture. Pegs can be a good place to hang your keys or handbag, or as mentioned above, can offer more substantial storage for coats and scarves if needed.

5. Mirrors

hallway tidy

Our hallway tidy with mirror

Mirrors are the essential design element for hallways, primarily because they can open up the space and enhance natural light. However, they are also a good organisational tool for a busy thoroughfare. Have you ever rushed out the door only to discover later that morning, that you've got chia seeds stuck in your teeth, your top shirt button is undone, or if its been a really bad morning, your cardigan is on inside out! Don't underestimate the power of the quick mirror check before heading out the door. It could save you some embarrassment.

Teamed with a hallway stand or tidy, you could store your 'last minute' beauty essentials like lipstick or brush. It's super practical to apply the final makeup or touch ups as you head out the door. Or it could be tasks like cleaning your glasses or doing your child's hair, that are best left as one of the last things before heading out.

Mirrors are a great design element for any hallway space and will not only make your home look bigger and lighter, but help organise your morning and could become an important element in you or your family's morning routine.

It doesn't take much to bring some organisation into your life. Start small with one of the smallest and often most neglected areas of the home.

A well organised hallway will set the tone for the day. It will also be a pleasure to return home to a well designed hallway that loudly welcomes you back to the comfort of your YOUR space.

It's easy to get organised with a few key design elements like pegs and shelves even when you don't have room for furniture!

So let us know, how do you keep your hallway organised?


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