8 Luxurious Dressing Table Ideas for Small Bedrooms

8 Luxurious Dressing Table Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Which single furniture piece can elevate a bedroom from functional to luxurious?

A dressing table.

A dressing table adds glamour - it's a homage to an era when presentation was important.

Urbansize oak floating dressing table

Image credit: Urbansize oak floating dressing table

It also encourages you to slow down.

Having a vanity to sit at to do your makeup is enviably better than a hectic application of lipstick in the car mirror on the way to work.

But when space is at a premium, are you willing to use precious square meters on it?

With solutions like floating makeup tables, you won't have to.

floating dressing table with jewellery

Image credit: Urbansize floating dressing table

Here are 8 suggestions for fitting some dressing luxury into your bedroom when you didn't think you could.

1. Floating dressing tables

Urbansize floating desk

Image credit: Urbansize oak floating dressing table

In a small space, the floating makeup table is your best friend.

It takes up very little room and can be mounted anywhere.

You could even put it next to your bed if space is really tight, for a multi-purpose bedside and dressing table.

Urbansize small floating dressing table with oak front

Image credit: Urbansize small floating dressing table with oak front

Or, if you can keep all your beauty stuff tucked away in the drawers keeping the surface free, you could also multi-purpose it as a desk if you need a quick, casual work corner.

Urbansize floating dressing table

Image credit: Urbansize floating dressing table

In small spaces, multi-functional furniture is king and a wall mounted dressing table is definitely the most flexible solution.

2. Dramatic mirrors

The most important accessory for your dressing table is a huge mirror.

Not only will it feel indulgent and create that luxurious dressing room feel, but it's also a smart move to open a small space up and create the illusion of being bigger.

round mirror and mint green dressing table

Image credit: SH Nordic

Round mirrors are a perfect fit for a modern dressing table.

Urbansize small floating dressing table

Image credit: Urbansize small floating dressing table
Ferm living round mirror
Image credit: Ferm Living

3. Stools and pufs

The whole point of having a dressing table is to have a dedicated space where you can sit down, relax and make yourself beautiful.

But, without the chair.

Why? Because you can save more space by using a stool which can more easily tuck away under the dressing table.

black and white dressing table

Image credit: Home Dzine

To keep it luxe, go for a puf, and something velvety if you really want to girly it up.

dressing table with pink puf and round mirror

Image credit: Rock My Style

4. Drawer organizers

It goes without saying that if you're going to have a dressing table, go for an option that has a drawer or two so that you don't clutter up the surface.

It's important to furnish the drawers with some practical drawer organizers. Beauty items are notorious for disappearing at the bottom of the drawer or losing their lid and spilling everywhere, so keep on top of bits and pieces and save time each morning with some well organized drawers.


Image credit: Urbansize

5. Reclaim a corner

dressing table in corner of room

Image credit: Cate St. Hill

To tuck a dressing table out of the way, consider an unused corner of the room.

If you can find an alcove of the room, you can go more indulgent with your dressing table, investing in a bigger table, chair or stool.

brown corner dressing table

Image credit: Oh whats this

6. Bridge a gap

grey dressing table between wardrobes

Image credit: Rock my Style

Perhaps you don't have a corner but might have a gap somewhere, perhaps between where a wardrobe ends and the wall begins. You can bridge the gap with a little floating dressing table.

tall wooden dressing table

Image credit: Futon Company

7. Sloping roof

sloped roof dressing table

Image credit: Tinker Tailor

If you have a sloping roof, a dressing table is a perfect addition to that awkward space that might otherwise be unusable.

8. Style ideas

As with all space spaces, its a good idea to keep clutter to a minimum so don't over style the surface.

Keep the stuff you need in drawers and do some minimal styling on the surface.

It could be just your most loved or prettiest lotions, potions or jewellery you want to have out on display.

dressing table top

Image credit: Rock my Style

 Or add some flowers or a pot plant for a more natural, clean modern vibe.

dressing table with pot plant

Image credit: Instagram

A dressing table is an investment that will really elevate the elegance and luxury of a room.

A dressing table can also become part of important morning and night self care rituals. Looking after yourself isn't vanity, it's self preservation. They knew that 50 odd years ago but we've somehow forgotten the art of daily maintenance.

Making space for this little luxury not only looks great, but you won't know how you manged without it once you've got it!

With floating dressing tables and making use of any corners or wasted space in the room, you can definitely experience luxury dressing in small spaces.

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